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Frequently Asked Questions

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Where do you operate from?

We operate from offshore locations in New Delhi, India though we have our Sales team in the UK and USA as well.

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What time do experts work?

Our experts cover the Eastern Time Zone, USA.

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What are the hourly rates?

The rates vary based on the requirements involved.

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What are the pay-terms?

We accept weekly payments. We raise invoices on the first business day of the week for the previous week.

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Do you have contracts?

Yes, we have a non-binding contract in place that depends on the client's needs and requirements

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Which calendar do you follow?

We follow a hybrid of Indian and US calendars to incorporate the major national holidays and festivals. We share the calendar with our clients in advance through the contract.

Sellryt offers profoundly skilled and abreast professionals who are experts in their disciplines. We have a proven record of work with a team of seasoned players of eCommerce and Digital marketing.
Client satisfaction has always been our priority. To work smoothly, we prepare a non-binding service level agreement based on your requirements and send it across for your review and signature. Once it is reviewed and signed, we introduce you to the team to further take the engagement.
We offer trained experts on hourly rates who work on a part-time/full-time basis on the needs of our customers. Irrespective of the type of engagement, we work five days a week. The rates of part-time experts are a bit higher in comparison to that of full-time experts.
A full-time expert works for 8 hours a day, 40 hours a week, and 160 hours a month. No hours will be carried forward to the next month in any scenario. We assign a Project Manager for day to day communication, and he/she will be responsible for all the queries you may encounter during the live project.
We prepare a non-binding service level agreement based on the requirements and get it reviewed and signed by our clients. Post-approval, we introduce our team to the client for further engagement.
Based on our clients' convenience, we use multiple modes of communication, i.e., e-mails, software-based instant chats, Skype, Hangout.
Sellryt is a one-stop-shop for all your eCommerce and Digital Marketing needs. So, you can outsource anything or everything as per your business needs and requirements.
Having a team of professionals who are thoroughly trained and best in the business, there is rarely a need to train them. However, if there is a process that requires training, a session can be arranged mutually.
We provide software to track down the number of hours spent on a particular task, communicate with the experts, assign tasks, provide instructions, etc. However, if you recommend using any other software that you prefer, we are open to that.
We have in-house staff that works exclusively for the clients based on the type of engagement following all norms of privacy and confidentiality. We offer white-label services to the clients, where we abide by all the rules set forth by the client.
Yes, it is possible and manageable as per your needs and requirements. There is a fixed stipulated time for scaling up/down the resources based on your business needs.
We are Amazon authorized service provider with Google-certified and Amazon-trained experts. Our hire only the best from the market and train them as per our operational requirement. All our resources are bound to follow all the policies and norms of confidentiality with us.
Project-based tasks are non-contractual and limited to a period while staff leasing is contract-based. We offer both project-based and staff leasing services, depending on your business needs and requirements.
Sellryt is a growing eCommerce and Digital Marketing solutions provider for all your business needs. With successful five years of experience in the industry, we offer below benefits: • 'White-Label' services for our clients • Non-binding contracts for flexibility of clients • Fully-trained Amazon and Shopify professionals • Cost-effective contracts to help you save cost up to 70% in Human Resource Management (including specific operational training) • Unbeatable price
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Did You Find What You are Looking For?

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