Walmart Account Management Virtual Assistant​s

Walmart with a massive increase in its active users of about 110 million and a revenue of over $500 billion is a remarkable marketplace for sellers to showcase their products and earn great revenue. Businesses have to spend a significant amount of their time on innovative strategies for their development, and hence at Sellryt, our Walmart Account Management Virtual Assistants provide a concrete solution for Walmart account handling with much ease. They follow efficient methods to deliver their efforts and manage the e-commerce account as to help our clients flourish.

As the world of e-commerce is growing tremendously, it becomes crucial for the brands to take the initiative at this right bit.  Managing an e-commerce account is a labor-intensive task requiring a focused approach which is being delivered by our Walmart Account Handling executives.

Our Walmart Account Management Virtual Assistants are adept with the tools, software, and skills to manage the account smoothly. They are well-trained and deliver their task with immense expertise. The tasks performed by our experienced Walmart Account Managers are:

  1. Product Listings: Our Walmart Account Management executives perform the time-consuming task of listing the products cautiously. From picking up each product SKU, their variations and images, they successfully list the products in the marketplace saving the vital time of the sellers.
  2. Order Processing: Managing orders is one of the crucial tasks which our Walmart Account Managers fulfill. They are well-trained in the software and manage the orders by keeping order entry, shipping and invoicing in a thoughtful manner preventing any risk. They also prepare monthly order reports which are vital for a company’s growth decisions eventually.
  3. Stock Management: Our Walmart Account Management Virtual Assistants are exceptional stock managers and assist the businesses by carefully monitoring the stocks regularly and informing them about the status of the stocks necessary to prevent inadequacy of the products which can hamper the products’ sale.
  4. 4. Manage Returns & Refunds: Returns and refunds in e-commerce business are inescapable and important for customer satisfaction thus management of returns becomes crucial without having a loss to the business. Our Walmart Account Managers are commendable communicators and help the customers to return the products smoothly and inform the client to initiate the necessary refunds for an effective customer gratification.
  5. Competitive Audit: Our Walmart Account Management executives are not limited to account handling but also carry out a competitive audit simultaneously. Competitor Analysis includes tracking the competitors, their online presence, search rankings, as well as product reviews, helping the businesses to stay updated.
  6. Listing Optimization: To help facilitate the sales of the clients, our Walmart Account Managers optimize the product listings by infusing high-volume keywords in the title, highlights as well as the description. This, in turn, improves the search results rank of the products aiding the businesses in higher exposure in front of a large audience and generating high rewards.
  7. Set up & Manage Sponsored Product Campaigns: Walmart encourages its sellers to utilize the sponsored ads it offers to highlight the products advantageously. Our Walmart Account Management executives are imaginative with their sponsored ad strategies which propel the products to move on top of the search results, often before the organic results. Highlighting the products paves the way for better visibility of those products among the shoppers, thereby increasing clicks and sales.
  8. Buyer & Seller Communication: To hasten the process of buyer and seller communication, our Walmart Account Management Virtual Assistants render effective interactions with customers as well as the seller, aiding the transparency between them while delighting the customers impressively.

Walmart is well-known for its cost-effective strategies attracting the attention of millions of consumers worldwide. Hence, it is crucial for the sellers to take advantage of this profitable platform and increase their brand name and revenue considerably. At Sellryt, we aim to provide e-commerce businesses with expert resources to help them attain maximum sales and extensive reputation in the market.

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