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Search Engine Marketing is a digital marketing strategy to gain traffic and visibility through paid methods. By implementing Search Engine Marketing tactics calculatedly, one can come forward in front of their potential customers at the same time anyone searches for their products. Our Search Engine Marketing Virtual Assistants are Google & Bing certified professionals who possess immense knowledge in the field of paid marketing tactics and implement them in the brand’s marketing strategy to optimize their online presence substantially.

Search Engine Marketing is a profitable approach to gain website traffic and boost conversions. In a world of rising demand for ‘Return of Investment’ (ROI) and instant sales, marketing competition has spurred, and thereby it is getting increasingly difficult for businesses to advertise themselves and be discovered by their potential customers.

In this increased market competition, we at Sellryt offer our knowledgable executives who can plan, research, implement, and measure the brand’s marketing project with much ease. Our Search Engine Marketing Virtual Assistants provide inclusive paid marketing solutions for enterprises to boost their website traffic, online visibility, and revenue.

Our Pay-Per-Click experts help brands to enhance their online presence in popular search engines like Google, Amazon, and Bing, assisting them to mark their presence instantly by purchasing traffic through paid advertising. The tasks executed by our PPC virtual assistants are:

Defining a powerful strategy: Our Search Engine Marketing Virtual Assistants outline an effective advertising strategy for businesses defining their target audience, their goals, motivations, and requirements and then feature the brand’s products to serve their needs. They comprehend and analyze competitors thoroughly and determine the brand’s competitive edge. They also identify specific benchmarks like website traffic, search rankings, and other vital ROI metrics to estimate the success of the paid advertising campaigns.

Keyword Research: Our Search Engine Marketing Virtual Assistants are adept with the modern tools to perform effective keyword research for search engine marketing campaigns which aids to multiply your traffic, increasing conversions. They strategically research highly-searched long tail as well as short tail keywords relevant to the business which the target audience search throughout their buying journey. They are proficient in providing the best keywords for the business which drive traffic and hike sales.

Optimize website: One of the most crucial steps prior to initiating the search engine marketing campaign is to optimize the website. Our Search Engine Marketers are acquainted with optimization of the website by implementing the high-volume keywords in the site’s content as well as in Meta tags and descriptions. They understand the importance of a highly structured website with clear and precise content. They implement website optimization techniques to make it search engine friendly, driving organic traffic as well as specifying the success of the advertising campaigns.

Submit the site for indexing: Our Search engine marketing virtual assistants submit the website for indexing helping to increase its search rankings which ultimately helps in pay-per-click success. They submit the business’s site to powerful directories to facilitate easy advertising success.

Attract Quality Links to the Website: Our Search Engine Marketing Virtual Assistants attract quality links to the brand’s website in order to improve its search rankings. Improving search rankings is one of the crucial ways to succeed in pay-per-click advertising campaigns. Our advertising executives create quality content which attracts the best links from reputable websites helping brands to improve their organic online presence with a high rate of success in SEM advertising campaigns.

Manage ROI-driven Search Engine Marketing Campaign: Our Search Engine Marketers create ROI-driven paid advertising campaigns by bidding on the most relevant and highly searched keywords by their target customers. They understand the needs of the brand’s consumers and project their needs by advertising the products effectively. They strategically create and manage the PPC campaigns to help businesses generate high Return on Investments. To manage the campaign productively, our Search Engine Marketing executives determine the following:

  • Budget per Month
  • Budget per Day
  • Geotargeting Scope
  • Keywords
  • Quality of the Content
  • Landing Pages
  • Compelling ‘Call-to-Action’

Measure the success of Advertising campaigns: Our Search Engine Marketing Virtual Assistants leverage web analytics to determine the performance of the search engine advertising campaigns. They evaluate the search engine rankings of the website rigorously to improve and optimize the paid campaigns. They carefully analyze the following criteria to define the success of the marketing efforts:

  • Cost-per-visit
  • Cost-per-lead
  • Cost-per-sale

Generating report: Our skilled SEM virtual assistants generate a report of the advertising campaign to bring forward a robust marketing strategy for the future.

Search engines, especially like Google are complex systems, always revising backend algorithm which impacts search engine marketing. Our Search Engine Marketing experts are regularly updated with the latest trends related to the search engines to prevent risks. At Sellryt, our only aim is to provide businesses with the rightly skilled resources to help them advance in the digital realm.  

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