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Drive quality traffic to your website by implementing a strategic PPC advertising campaign and generate leads. Pay-Per-Click Advertising is an online method of paid targeted advertising using relevant keywords related to the product or service. Businesses can take advantage of this search engine marketing technique to come forward in front of their potential customers and increase their sales tremendously. Our PPC Advertising Virtual Assistants are Google & Bing certified experts who hold extensive expertise in the field of paid marketing tactics and successfully implement them in the businesses’ marketing strategy to hone their digital presence.


With the increasing market competition, it is getting difficult for the businesses to advertise themselves and bring their products in front of the shoppers. If the PPC campaigns are not optimized rightly, then the Return-On-Investment (ROI) of the campaigns will be severely impacted. It is crucial for any business to consult an expert PPC manager to prevent the detrimental effect of negative ROI of the marketing activities.


Sellryt offers its skilled and experienced PPC Virtual Assistants who plan, research, implement and measure the brand’s PPC advertising campaigns effortlessly. They aim to assist businesses to drive quality traffic to their website, generate leads as well as savor high returns. The tasks carried out by our PPC executives are:


  1. Define the Marketing Objective: Our Pay-per-click managers cautiously determine the primary objective of the brand’s marketing campaigns to execute them effectively. They inspect the business’ needs and outline a sharp objective of the PPC campaigns. For each objective, whether lead generation, website traffic or purchase, they design a distinct advertisement strategy for the best outcome.


  1. Plan Ad Targeting: Our PPC advertising managers plan the target Ad for the right audience ought to give the best results. There are two critical ad targeting depending on the geographical location and on their operating system & device type.


  • Geo-Targeting: It is a way of targeting the audience based on their geographical location, where a particular geo-radius, city, area or country can be targeted. One can restrict certain locations where there is no presence of the relevant audience.


  • Device Targeting: It is a way of targeting the audience based on their operating devices like mobile, desktop, iPad, among others.


Our PPC advertising virtual assistants cautiously ascertain the target audience of the business and target the marketing campaigns to the selective quality audience aiming to yield the most fruitful result.


  1. Keyword Research: Keyword Research is a time-consuming and a continuous activity which requires high knowledge and aptness. Our Search Engine Marketing executives conduct extensive research for relevant keywords by utilizing high-end premium keyword research tools which aids to multiply the website traffic and drive conversions. They strategically determine long-tail, short-tail as well as highly relevant low-cost keywords to procure a rewarding outcome.


  1. Copywriting/Ad Text: Our PPC advertising virtual assistants are excellent advertisers who can communicate the brand message to the target audience in an effective manner. They write intriguing ad copies with a compelling Call-To-Action (CTA) button, urging the audience to take the desired action in real-time.


  1. Optimize Landing Pages: Our Search engine marketing executives are adept with the latest digital marketing techniques and understand the importance of an optimized landing page. They optimize each landing page of the advertisement campaigns thoughtfully to generate interest among the audience. They prepare irresistible Call-To-Action buttons on these pages to get the most of the PPC advertisement campaigns.


  1. Competitor Analysis: Competitor Analysis help businesses to gather information about the competitor’s ad strategy. Our PPC managers carry out a comprehensive competitive audit to grasp the competitor’s ad tactics, ad copy, CTA, as well as the keywords used, for setting up enhanced advertisement campaigns.


  1. Manage ROI-driven Pay-Per-Click Campaign: Our PPC experts set up ROI-driven paid advertisement campaigns by bidding on the most relevant as well as high-volume keywords searched by the target customers. They understand the target audience thoroughly by identifying their psyche & needs and represent the same through the marketing campaigns bringing in favorable results. They ensure to yield High Return On Investments for the campaigns and determine the following:
  • Budget per Month
  • Budget per Day
  • Geotargeting Scope
  • Keywords
  • Ad Copy
  • Landing Pages
  • Call-To-Action


  1. Monitor & Track the success of PPC campaigns: Our PPC Advertising Virtual Assistants utilize web analytics to track the effectiveness of the paid advertisements. They evaluate the web traffic, leads generated as well as conversions through the PPC campaigns rigorously. They cautiously examine the following criteria to measure the success of the PPC advertising campaigns:
  • Cost-per-visit
  • Cost-per-Lead
  • Cost-per-Sale


Pay-Per-Click advertisements are one of the most cost-effective marketing techniques utilized by brands all over the world. If done appropriately, it offers high returns. At Sellryt, we aim to provide businesses with our certified experts to help them conquer the digital territory.

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