Negative Feedback Removal Virtual Assistants

Amazon is one of the most customer-centric e-commerce platforms which aims to provide immense value to its customers continuously. It is vital for the sellers to maintain their brand name in the marketplace by providing good quality products with timely delivery. Amazon helps the sellers with its platform to make a positive impression and increase their sales through various methods, and hence it is crucial for sellers to adhere strictly to Amazon’s policy by maintaining a high positive feedback rate. A low feedback rate also dismisses the chance of winning the Buy Box which greatly impacts the sale. To help the sellers manage a high feedback rate and good account health, we at Sellryt provide our Negative Feedback Removal Virtual Assistants to e-commerce businesses globally.

Our Amazon Account Managers are great problem-solving experts who manage the account health with utmost efficiency. They understand the requirement of buyers as well as sellers and come up with formative solutions to tackle the e-commerce problem.

The tasks performed by our Negative Feedback Removal Virtual Assistants are:

  1. Maintain Account Health: Our experts maintain the account health of the seller account on Amazon. They are adept with the latest tools and tactics to effectively manage the e-commerce account which proves beneficial to the sellers. To manage the account health, they check the performance of the seller and maintain the following metrics as per Amazon’s policy:
  • Order Defect Rate
  • Cancellation Rate
  • Late Shipment Rate
  • Valid Tracking Rate
  • On-Time Delivery Rate
  • Return Dissatisfaction Rate

Our Negative Feedback Removal Managers understand that successfully maintaining these rates delight the customers hindering them to respond negatively.

  1. Request Removal as per Amazon Policy: Our Negative Feedback Removal Virtual Assistants review the negative feedback and see if it violates Amazon’s policy. Amazon has set strict guidelines even for the purchasers to prevent the fraudulent feedbacks on seller account which can tarnish the brand’s rapport. In such cases, our Amazon experts request the Amazon team to cross-verify and remove the negative feedbacks.
  2. Fulfillment by Amazon: If the order is fulfilled by Amazon (FBA), and the buyer is not happy about the delivery time, packaging, or worst case scenario buyer has not received the product, Amazon takes full responsibility of that. Our trained Amazon Virtual Assistants create a case in such scenarios to the Amazon support and notify them of such feedback and get it removed.
  3. Reach out to the buyer: As Amazon allows the buyer to remove their seller feedback, our experts reach out to them to understand their concern, resolve their query and in turn, request them to remove the negative response. There are specific rules set by Amazon when it comes to buyer-seller communication, which are followed by our negative feedback removal experts while reaching out to the buyers. Not following these policies may lead to suspension of the seller account.
  4. Leave a response to the feedback: If the buyer does not remove their feedback, our Amazon experts leave a response below their comment to explain and resolve their issue, so that it does not make a negative impact on the seller’s brand and does not prevent other shoppers to purchase.

Amazon is a highly competitive marketplace which requires its sellers to maintain their account health positively to help them enhance their brand as well as not to restrict themselves from selling on this marketplace. We at Sellryt aim to provide e-commerce sellers with the opportunity to leverage our certified e-commerce experts to gain competitive advantage and to make a mark in the market.

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