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Getting your product listed on Amazon is relatively easy because of the great variety of options given by the E-commerce website. This option makes Amazon one of the most customer-centric sites on the internet. One of these options that help its registered sellers to do multiple listings easily is ‘Flat Files’ option. If you are a seller on Amazon, who is selling various items under a single roof, this might turn out a golden opportunity for you.


Flat File templates are spreadsheet files created by Amazon to ease up multiple product listing on its E-commerce platform. It is an excel file that provides a standard template for data entry for more than one of your products. This template can be filled according to each of the items you want to sell and can be uploaded directly. Amazon does the rest as the listing will be created for all products in the flat file at once. But preparing a flat-file is not the easiest of tasks if you lack the experience of working with it. This is where we, Sellryt, are with you. We provide our expert Flat File Uploads Virtual Assistants to help you get the best of this opportunity.


There are various complex fields in a Flat File that you need to fill, depending on the products you want to list. But all the flat-files have common criteria to be fulfilled. These rules apply to every template; some of these basic rules are:


There are three different kinds of data that need to be filled in this inventory form. Each of these types holds its significance which are:


  1. Required: Required data is the compulsory set of information that a seller must provide for the successful listing of the product. This column is necessary as it contains the most critical aspects of a listing. These fields are mentioned in bold styling and highlighted in red.


  1. Preferred: Preferred data, as you may get by the name, is the fancied data of a listing. This data might not be necessary to be filled, but it should be filled anyhow. Amazon recommends sellers to fill this data as it is beneficial for the listing.


  1. Optional: Optional Data is a set of information that you may or may not tell about your product, to the buyers. This information entirely depends on the seller as they might want to give some other relevant information about the product.


Our Flat File Uploads Virtual Assistants will help you get past all these complicated steps with ease and improve your business to grow in terms of size on Amazon. These are some of the essential things that our Assistants will perform to help you with Flat Inventory Files:


  • Creating entirely new update files for your new listings on Amazon. This will help you get your new products into the market as fast as possible.


  • Creating Partial-Update files for the existing section of your listings that you may want to change. If you ever wanted to change something in each of your listings, try this feature.


  • Including Images in the template for each of your listing. Creating images according to the Amazon guidelines and uploading them to your listing is our job as well.


  • Help you find accurate information regarding each column and data-field. We’ll give you an extra hand while finding your information and supply it to your buyers as well.


  • Research and Development of your keywords for each listing. Help you get your head around the keywords you want to use and help you get ranked on the same.


  • Successful uploading of your file on Amazon. Being the most critical process, we will track your file uploading, processing, activation or failure as well.


  • Our Flat File Uploads Virtual Assistant will also keep an eye for any discrepancies in the data or listings created by the Flat-Files. It will help you keep your product details up to date and reduce the chances of any errors.


Additional Incentives:


Flat Files holds the space for additional keywords you want to rank for in Amazon, that with your focus keywords, gives you the highest chance of outranking your product on the E-commerce site. This is an added incentive that comes with the creation of flat files, and our specialist Flat File Uploads Virtual Assistants will help you do that. Our Flat File Virtual Assistants help you understand your keywords and increase your keywords in the file itself.


Now, as we discussed every aspect of the Flat-Files, you can either wonder why you were not using it till now, or you could get on board with our Flat File Uploads Virtual Assistants and increase your business as quickly as possible. If you have any other query regarding Amazon Accounts, E-commerce profiles, Products, Promotion, or any other related stuff; please contact us. We, at Sellryt, are here to help you, Always.

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