FBA Shipment Virtual Assistants

Amazon provides the sellers with a remunerative platform where they can generate a high profit. Selling on Amazon can bring in positive results for the business if carried out rightly. One has to consider various facets for increasing their business scalability and revenue while selling on this rewarding platform. One of the benefits of selling on Amazon is its FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) shipments, where Amazon takes responsibility for storing, packing and delivering products to the respective buyers. Our Amazon authorized FBA shipment Virtual Assistants ease the business’s FBA process by managing their Amazon FBA account and associated shipments.

Fulfillment by Amazon is an excellent service offered by Amazon which helps the brand owners, retailers, and importers tremendously making it convenient for them to sell online through this platform. They also get the opportunity to unlock premium features like Prime Tag among others. FBA is advantageous for the sellers in tons of ways from timely delivery of the products to getting prime features, motivating the sellers to start their e-commerce venture from scratch.

Our Amazon FBA Shipment Virtual Assistants come with an array of skills and are experienced in handling Amazon account fluently. The tasks that they carry out for handling FBA shipments are:

  1. FBA registration: Our FBA shipment managers first register the seller for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) which is a mandatory requirement to utilize the FBA service. The process requires basic documentation, and the seller easily gets registered under FBA.
  2. Amazon Product Listing: Our FBA shipment Virtual Assistants are experienced in listing products with their high expertise and include Amazon SEO friendly keywords to boost clicks and views. They are skilled in e-commerce management and perform product listing with absolute precision saving enough of the seller’s time.
  3. Product Research: Our FBA managers carry out extensive product research to guide the sellers about their best-selling products on the platform. They carefully analyze the product listing, organic ranking, sales as well as the demand for the product to determine the product’s selling potential. They also calculate the overall cost for FBA to determine the profit share otherwise FBA would not prove fruitful. After successful product research, our FBA executives send the list of potential items to the sellers providing them with a scheme on which products to send for Amazon Fulfillment.
  4. Creation of Shipments: Our Amazon FBA shipment virtual assistants create shipment plan of the items required to be shipped to Amazon warehouse. Creation of a shipment plan is mandatory as per Amazon’s policy. Once the shipment plan is drafted, the seller gets notified of the address of the Amazon warehouse where products are shipped. Our FBA managers generate box labels with an accurate stock of product SKU’s through which Amazon can manage the inventory efficiently without mismanagement.
  5. Tracking Shipments: Our FBA shipment managers are trained on monitoring the delivery of the products efficiently to prevent any error. They track the shipments of the products, as well as ensure that the exact quantity of the products in their respective conditions are delivered on time.
  6. Placing Removal Orders: Once the FBA setup is done, it is important that the seller account is closely monitored on regular basis for stranded inventory or to prevent the inventory from LTSF. Our Amazon FBA Virtual Assistants make sure that sellers maintain a healthy stock of products in Amazon warehouse for order fulfillment.
  7. Handling Missing Inventory: Our FBA Virtual Assistants keep track of all the inventory shipped to Amazon warehouse, Inbound stock, FBA inventory, Unfulfillable/Stranded inventory by generating the report and reconciling the stock. For any missing stock, our FBA experts raise concern by creating a case to Amazon seller support team and get the case investigated.
  8. Create & Manage Campaigns: Our FBA shipment Virtual Assistants keep track of slow-moving inventory to prevent the LTSF charges. In such cases, our FBA professionals work closely with our Sponsored ad/ PPC Virtual Assistants to create campaigns and devise new marketing strategies to increase traffic and get the stock rotated in Amazon warehouse. They generate substantial campaign reports helping the businesses to analyze the performance of the products thoroughly as well as for reference for a robust marketing campaign hereafter.

Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) is an amazing feature which can prove advantageous to the sellers in various forms. From the packaging of the products to customer service, everything is fulfilled by the e-commerce giant. Our FBA shipment virtual assistants are experts in the marketplace and are monitored regularly so that they can deliver their work with utmost perfection. At Sellryt, our only aim is to provide e-commerce businesses with our well-trained resources so that they can advance in this highly competitive global market.

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