Facebook Business Manager Virtual Assistants

Manage your Facebook Pages, employees, assets and advertisements in a single platform with the help of our Facebook Business Manager.  At Sellryt, our Facebook Business Manager Virtual Assistants are adept with the various sections within the platform as well as proficient in the handling of various business-related assets which help to organize the business in a single place.

Facebook Business Manager is an essential tool for businesses who manage various Facebook pages, ad accounts, clients, apps and assets. With the proper usage of this tool, businesses save adequate time as well as remain organized with every piece of information at their fingertips. Our Facebook Business Managers ease the process of the concerns by proper maintenance of the platform.

Our Facebook Business Manager Virtual Assistants are thoroughly trained in social media Management and understand in depth the various areas of Facebook Manager tool which are important to manage the business online conveniently. It is also essential to manage your Facebook advertisements of multiple pages in a formulated manner.  

The tasks performed by our Facebook Business Manager Virtual Assistants are:

Creation of Facebook Pages: Our Facebook Managers create the business page(s) of the brand if it is not created already. If the brand already owns a page, then the respective page(s) are added to the Business Manager in order to operate and manage it. They understand the importance of online presence which helps in building rapport and trust among the audience.

Handling Facebook Posts: Our Facebook Business Manager Virtual Assistants administer one or more of the Facebook pages and posts on them. They design, write copy for the posts, pictures, and videos, as well as engage with the audience to make social media experience pleasant for the fans and subscribers.

Creation of Facebook Ads: Facebook Advertisements offer a great return on investment if executed correctly. Our Facebook Business Managers create Facebook advertising campaigns for the business to market the products or services in front of a large audience. The tasks that they carry out while creating Facebook advertisements are:

  • Create Target Audience: Our Facebook Business Manager Virtual Assistants cautiously create a target audience for the brand in order to maximize the effect of marketing campaigns. They filter the unsuitable audience and add those people who are more likely to engage with the brand’s content to get the fruitful result. They evaluate the target audience based on the demographics, interests, likes, age, among others. They also create lookalike audiences to analyze their engagement with the advertisements for gathering in-depth insight for future campaigns.


  • Calculate Budget: To bring the brand’s content in front of the target audience, it is essential to calculate the daily or the total budget. Our expert Facebook Business Managers make sure that our clients do not end up spending more than what is intended to make a profit. They carefully analyze the budget, scrutinizing various aspects and with the client’s approval finalize the budget.


  • Creating Copy: Our Facebook Business Managers are excellent advertisers with experience in writing engaging copy for the advertisements. With their unique creativeness, they bring out intriguing headlines compelling the audience to click, comment or purchase, ultimately resulting in a positive outcome.


Monitoring Facebook Campaigns: Our Facebook Business Manager Virtual Assistants with their keen eye for detail, monitor the campaigns closely to determine the ad’s performance. They even optimize the advertisements, if necessary, to facilitate profitable results.

Analyzing Facebook Campaigns: Facebook provides critical data of the Facebook campaigns in order to understand the return on investment (ROI). Our Facebook Business Manager virtual assistants analyze the advertisement data cautiously to calculate the profits from the advertisements and strategize accordingly.

Generating Facebook Campaigns Report: Our Facebook experts generate a report of the advertisement campaigns and analyze them intensively to come up with a robust strategy ahead of time.

Generating & Installing Facebook Pixel: Our experts in Facebook Business Manager generate the Pixel code and install it in the client’s web pages to ensure proper tracking helpful to understand the number and type of traffic to the website.  This, in turn, provides deeper insights which aid for powerful marketing campaigns.

Split Testing: With the aid of Facebook Business Manager, advertisers on Facebook use A/B testing to figure out which ads, audience or copy generate the highest conversions.  The test helps the brand to focus on the type of ads, target audience or copy which brings the best results.

Handle Mobile SDK: Our Facebook Business Managers are experts in handling Mobile SDK platform under the Business Manager which helps to track people’s actions on the brand’s mobile application. This is an important feature of this platform with the increase in the usage of mobile apps.

Assign Roles to People: Facebook Business Manager helps to assign roles to people on the basis of their work. Assigning roles to the respective person of the team is essential to manage the business efficiently. Every employee working on Facebook assets appear on this platform which helps the business to ascribe tasks to the team effectively.

Facebook is one of the fastest growing social media channels which is estimated to have 2.6 billion users currently. It is indeed one of the vital online platforms for businesses to show their presence and gain popularity. At Sellryt, our only aim is to provide businesses with the right resources to help them flourish astoundingly.

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