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From the year 2016, since Amazon introduced this feature for brand registered sellers, its popularity among the sellers has grown significantly. The reason being a heavy upsurge in the sale of products recorded with the use of EBC content. Even the smallest of businesses that thrive on Amazon are using enhanced brand content in their product listings to boost conversions. The impact of Amazon A+ content has been so significant that sellers these days have made this a norm to hire an enhanced brand content virtual assistant if they do not find time to devote to creating A+ content by themselves.

Taking the help of an EBC Virtual Assistant is always beneficial in terms of conforming to Amazon guidelines for enhanced brand content. There are a number of guidelines that need to be strictly followed when it comes to writing EBC. The seasoned EBC writers understand these guidelines in-depth and hence get the A+ content for your listing approved with Amazon with much ease.

What Exactly is Amazon EBC (Enhanced Brand Content)?

Amazon, as we all know is an extremely crowded online marketplace where exist millions of sellers trying to sell their products under the same category as yours. And therefore, product differentiation plays a vital role in deciding who gets the sales done among such intense competition. And that is where comes the role of EBC i.e Enhanced Brand Content.

EBC helps your brand and product to stand out. One can optimize his product listing on Amazon by adding high-quality content assisted by visually rich media, such as images and videos. A brand can convey its voice and identity with the use of rich text and media on its optimized Amazon A+ page. The only prerequisite is that your brand must be registered with Amazon.

Benefits of Amazon Enhanced Brand Content

  1. Provides for Better Discoverability: On an Amazon EBC web page, you will find keyword-rich high-quality content that leads to better SEO and discoverability of your product on Amazon. Users will find your product with much ease with less effort.
  2. An Edge Over Your Competitors: Imagine there are 100 more products that exist under the same category as yours, and they all serve the same purpose. How would you shine over them as a brand? The answer is enhanced brand content. Highlight the most vital features of your product under EBC with the help of enhanced images and rich text, and tell your potential customers about the added benefits with your product to develop an edge over the competitors.
  3. Boosts Customer Engagement Rate: The attention span of people these days is really short. They hardly stop at a product on an e-commerce site if it’s not appealing to them, both visually and utility-wise. If one cannot make the product stand out for a customer within the first few seconds, the chances of closing a sale become grim. However, if your EBC strategy is in place, the rate of conversion rises significantly.
  4. Ensures Higher ROIs on Paid Ads: For Amazon sellers that run paid ad campaigns for their products, the use of EBC can prove to be a game-changing criterion in terms of ROI growth. Having EBC in place will reduce bounce-off rates, increase productive CTRs, and would lead to soaring up order session percentage.
  5. Help Minimize Product Returns and Negative Reviews: When created carefully with proper planning, EBC can certainly help minimize product returns and negative reviews. Amazon EBC provides for complete product information covering the minute details of the product and its features. A customer fully aware of the product details is less likely to return the product, neither would he post a negative review.

Why Choose Us?

Sellryt, as an Amazon outsourcing services provider, is a team of experienced professionals trained at Amazon product marketing and listing. We help sellers with boosting their product conversions by assisting them comprehensively on Amazon. The EBC writers at Sellryt study your product deeply to understand the brand voice and story, and later write compelling content that attracts potential customers. We have been able to accomplish impressive results for our clients in the past with EBC, and hope to continue doing that in the future too.

Subscribe to our Amazon EBC services available at highly competitive prices, and ensure unparalleled discoverability and conversions on your product listings!

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