eBay Store Virtual Assistants

eBay provides brands the platform to highlight themselves from rest of the sellers through their highly structured and tailored eBay store. Our eBay store virtual assistants are trained professionals who are abreast with the skills and techniques to design a conclusive eBay store in congruence with the brand rapport and product band.

eBay with its innovative eye developed eBay store to enable brands to display themselves with a visually appealing theme. Our store designers and graphics experts identify the theme of the brand and develop and design the store accordingly to make the products stand out in a highly functional way.

Our eBay store virtual assistants are trained experts who understand the importance of an eBay store and depict useful information from its analytics which is helpful to advance important business decisions. The various benefits of eBay store are:

  • Distinguished Brand Name
  • Impressive Customer Experience
  • Holistic Marketing
  • Traffic Analysis

Our eBay store professionals help brands to create a perfect eBay store with their high visuality and calibre as per client’s requirement. These are the tasks our executives carry out while building an eBay store:

  1. Register the Brand: Our eBay store experts first registers the brand on eBay which protects the brand and make its products stand out. There are specific terms and conditions to qualify for opening an eBay store. Our experts evaluate each condition which is a requisite to create a store and finalize the registration.
  2. Select the subscription: There are various kinds of subscriptions which sellers can opt for depending on their requirement. Our eBay store virtual assistants assist the brand in selecting the appropriate subscription which can benefit them. Sellers can even revise the subscription if the situation necessitates.
  3.  Choose the Store Name: Selecting the store name is crucial while creation of the eBay store which is essentially the URL of the store. Our eBay store executives create a store name which is relevant to the product line of the brand making it easier for shoppers to discover the products.
  4. Design the Store: Our eBay Store VA designs the store with their sharp visual approach to deliver the brand image in front of the audience. They provide businesses with a unique design in addition to perfectly tailored banners and product images.
  • Billboard Image: Our trained eBay Store Graphic Designers create the billboard image which is the headline image of the eBay store. This image catches the eye of the shoppers which can be a matching image to the brand’s concept or the product/s, which can enhance engagement and ultimately conversion.
  • Brand Logo: Our eBay store executives add the brand logo to the store to increase the brand’s visibility and recognition. Brand recognition builds trust among customers and results in increased conversions.
  • Description: Our trained eBay experts add the brand’s description and highlight its uniqueness in the most expressive way driving potential buyers. They create a clear description of the store enabling potential buyers to connect to the brand on a personal level and educating them about the products and the story behind it while including all the essential SEO keywords.
  • Theme: Our eBay store experts select the best color scheme and font for the theme in accordance with the brand as well as per the client’s requirement.
  • Categories: This feature enables the categorization of the products in subpages as per its respective characteristics. Our experts organize and group the products by creating suitable categories which permits a smooth customer experience.
  1. Build an Email List for newsletters: eBay allows the store owners to trifle with email marketing through newsletters. Our eBay store virtual assistants create the email list of store subscribers which has its own advantages like:
  • Promotion of the store
  • Broadcast new product launches
  • Update the subscribers with forthcoming sales
  • Build rapport with the existing customers
  1. Optimize the Brand Store: Our eBay store virtual assistants optimize the brand store with sufficient backlinks and anchors continuously as per festive and shopping season, or as and when required by the clients to increase customer engagement thereon boosting sales.
  2. eBay Analytics: Our eBay store professionals can utilize the featured eBay tools to analyze the various aspects of the business. Using the analytics is crucial in order to be competitive in the marketplace. They effectively use the analytics tool to particularly evaluate:
  • Brand’s Selling costs
  • Competitors’ Pricing
  • Clicks
  • Conversion Rates
  • Customer Funnel

Once the eBay Store is set, it is critical to advertise the store on various platforms to bring in traffic, enhance customer experience and ultimately generate revenue.

Managing an online store like eBay certainly requires much time and energy, this is why our eBay store virtual assistants are trained rigorously to perform professionally around the globe. At Sellryt, our only aim is to provide experienced eBay resources to e-commerce sellers to ease the process of their eminence.

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