Ebay Advertising Virtual Assistants

Stand out from your competitors and highlight your products with an insightful and promising platform. With more than 177 million active buyers in this marketplace, it is one of the best platforms to succeed in business. Our eBay advertising Virtual Assistants are skilled experts with exceptional strategies beneficial for effective eBay listing campaigns. eBay advertising help the brands to stand out with much ease and build brand recognition.

Among many rewarding platforms for businesses, eBay benefits the sellers by helping them promote their product listings to bring it forth a large audience. Our eBay advertising executives leverage promoted listings of the platform to make the products stand out in the fierce competition of the marketplace.

Our eBay advertising virtual assistants are well-trained in eBay advertising techniques and possess an analytical mind to inspect the rich data from the promotion and campaigns for more effective recommendations. They perform the following tasks to advertise the brand’s products:  

  1. Product Research: Although eBay enables sellers to promote any category of products, it is essential to perform thorough product research prior to initiating the eBay advertising campaigns. Our eBay advertising experts conduct cautious product research and determine the selling potential of the products. They categorize the products into best selling, moderate selling, and seasonal products and outline the promotional campaigns accordingly which is bound to produce a favorable output.
  2. Competitor Analysis: Our eBay advertising virtual assistants are the finest researchers and determine the market and the competitors in depth for an effective marketing campaign. They carefully analyze various factors for the certainty of success which includes competitors’:
  • Product Listings
  • Product price
  • Important Keywords
  • Images
  • Reviews
  1. Keyword Research for eBay SEO: Our eBay advertisers understand the importance of keywords for a powerful SEO of the product listings and are equipped with modern tools to perform a careful analysis of the keywords to enhance the listing’s search rankings. They are skilled professionals and determine high-voluminous searched keywords for the product listings to ensure the smooth progress of eBay promoted listing campaigns.
  2. Listing Optimization: A critical aspect before carrying out promoted listing campaigns is to optimize the product listings. Our eBay advertising virtual assistants optimize the product listings which directly impacts the promotion by incorporating essential voluminous keywords thereby increasing its visibility. They carefully chose the best relevant keywords and include them in the product listings for a fruitful result.
  3. Product Categorization: Our eBay advertising managers analyze the products carefully to determine their accurate category. Product categorization is essential to increase its eBay search rankings as well as for customer convenience, which would determine the success of the product promoted listings and intensify sales deliberately.
  4. Set Ad-rates: Setting up ad-rate for eBay promoted listings is a crucial factor which our eBay advertisers understand and thereby cautiously calculate the ad budget and set up ad-rate accordingly. eBay provides the sellers with the benefit of pay-per-sale, and hence it is entirely risk-free to sell via promoted listings campaign while increasing the product visibility considerably.
  5. Optimize Ad Campaign: Our eBay advertising virtual assistants with their strategical approach optimize eBay ads continuously to bring in maximum return (ROI) on the minimum investment. They monitor the promoted listings rigorously to inspect its performance in the marketplace to help businesses ensure their success in the ad campaigns.
  6. Leverage eBay Ad dashboard: Our eBay advertising experts understand the importance of Ad analytics and utilize the eBay Ad dashboard to monitor the performance of the promoted listings and determine the Return of Investment (ROI). The dashboard provides useful data which our executives turn into valuable insights to draft improved business decisions.  The critical data which it provides include:
  • Number of Clicks
  • Number of sold items
  • Ad fee
  • Total value of the sales
  • Return on Investment
  1. Generate Report: Our eBay advertisers dive into the rich data of the eBay dashboard to get insights into the effectiveness of the promoted listings campaign and generate reports for further analysis required for decision making of marketing campaigns.

eBay is a competitive marketplace and standing out in this platform is extremely tough, hence it is highly recommended to receive assistance from experienced eBay advertising professionals. At Sellryt, we aim to provide e-commerce sellers with potent expertise to empower them to thrive noticeably.  

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