eBay Account Management Virtual Assistants

eBay is one of the easiest and convenient marketplaces where millions of people trade every single day. Selling on eBay can prove beneficial if it is managed and operated attentively. Managing an eBay account is as easy, as organized the seller’s business is. When it comes to scalability it requires a clear and structured approach and one’s time.  In order to assist eBay sellers to execute their daily tedious tasks without losing concentration, our eBay Account management virtual assistants are well trained to manage eBay seller accounts with high virtue. They are skilled and retain original methods to handle eBay accounts with ease and efficiency.

In the vast world of e-commerce, eBay allows it’s users to sell their products advantageously which calls for a highly competitive environment and thus requires a significant amount of labor to manage. With the expansion of the eBay venture, it becomes critical to hire skilled eBay account managers to hike up the business.

Our eBay Account Management Virtual Assistants are adept with the skills to manage an account thoroughly. They carry out these tasks to maintain an eBay account with accuracy:

  1. Product Listings: Our eBay account managers assist the sellers with informative and detailed product listings. It is one of the primary factors to sell on eBay which is a time-consuming and crucial task. From picking up each custom label as well as its images, they carefully list the products, saving the sellers a great extent of time.
  2. Order Processing: Our eBay account experts manage the daily orders by performing various routine tasks like order entry, shipping as well as invoicing. They prepare monthly reports of the orders which prove useful to the sellers for future reference or undertaking stock related decisions.
  3. Stock Management: Our eBay account management virtual assistants monitor the stocks persistently to prevent unavailability of the products, which has the ability to sap the brand’s rapport. They carefully analyze the stock and update it on eBay, in addition to notifying the seller to refill the stock as and when required.
  4. Manage Returns/Refunds: Our eBay account management experts thoughtfully manage the return of orders from the customers and initiate the necessary refund. They effectively communicate with the customer to complete the refund process with ease.
  5. Set up & Manage Promoted Products: eBay favors the sellers to utilize the eBay listings promotion which can highlight their products in the marketplace. Promoted listings come with a beneficial opportunity for the sellers to make their goods stand out in front of a large crowd. Our eBay Account Managers help brands to broadcast their products in a considerate system.
  6. Buyer-Seller Communication: It is crucial for any business to communicate effectively with customers for their comfort. To make this daily communication manageable, our eBay account management virtual assistants converse with the customers to address their concerns utterly.

eBay is one of the cost-effective e-commerce platforms for the merchants and when managed thoroughly in an ordered fashion could prove highly rewarding. Our eBay account managers are trained professionals who deliver their work effectively to our clients worldwide. At Sellryt, our only aim is to provide e-commerce sellers with perfectly skilled resources to help them advance in the marketplace.

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