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E-commerce Search Engine Optimization is the process of generating organic traffic to product listings of Amazon, eBay, and many other e-commerce platforms. While conducting the optimization for any e-commerce listings, it is crucial to stay updated with the latest shifts in various algorithms of the marketplaces to reduce the risk of violation. Our e-commerce SEO virtual assistants are well-versed with SEO techniques for e-businesses on Amazon and eBay and are invariably updated on their individual algorithms to carry out the store and listings augmentation for definite results.

Our e-commerce SEO experts are acquainted with the various marketplace like Amazon & eBay algorithms and its criteria which enables the product pages to rank on the top of search results pages and reinforce sales. They strictly adhere to the algorithms to facilitate the optimization process and to avoid forfeits.

The tasks performed by our pool of e-commerce SEO specialists are:

  1. Keyword Research: Keyword plays an important role in search engine optimization. It is the essence of optimization of the product listings. Our e-commerce SEO experts are experienced in researching keywords and high-volume search terms to accelerate the Amazon and eBay store optimization. They also analyze the competition of the keywords in the respective marketplaces which give insights on the difficulty level to rank for each keyword. Our e-commerce SEO virtual assistants are savvy with the use of various keyword research tools for e-commerce to organize an extensive list of keywords.
  2. Competitor Research: Our e-commerce SEO executives are geniuses when it comes to competitor research be it Amazon, eBay or Walmart. They understand the importance of detailed competitor research to grasp their keywords and SEO approach. They carefully analyze the keywords used by them in the landing pages of their store, product pages, and their top product listings through premium competitor analysis tools to embrace and revise the e-commerce’s SEO strategy.
  3. Update Store URL’s, Meta Tags & Descriptions: If the e-commerce store does not contain store name, meta tags and descriptions or needs edit, our e-commerce SEO virtual assistants carefully analyze the store on Amazon, eBay, and other platforms and update it to smoothen the store optimization process. Search engines rank the stores which have proper tags and descriptions including keywords for the convenience of its audience ultimately fetching natural traffic and generating returns.
  4. Optimize Product Listings: Product Listings are the backbone of e-commerce and should not be ignored. Our e-commerce SEO experts optimize the Amazon and eBay product listings page to help induce more revenue. These are the areas they manage to help ease the listing optimization process:
  • Product Title: Our E-commerce SEO executives include the primary key features of the product here to help the audience understand the product. Including the main product attributes in the product title boost clicks and impressions which improves its rank on the search results.


  • Product Descriptions:  Our e-commerce SEO experts understand the value of a distinguished product description with essential keywords and contrive them in the Amazon & eBay product descriptions for enhanced shopper experience and improved SEO of individual products of the business.  


  • Image Optimization: Our product listing experts optimize the product image for better clarity to the viewers. They create as well as edit the image and change its ALT text name to amend it. Optimizing a product image on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, eBay and Walmart help in bringing in more traffic to the product page as well as strengthen the product SEO.


  • Introducing Video: Videos are a great way to showcase the products to the audience. Our e-commerce SEO experts help the businesses to include product videos in the listing page of Amazon, eBay, and other marketplaces to assist the shoppers to grasp the perks of purchasing the product. This, in turn, generates more clicks and help the product page to rank better.


  • Item Category & Specifics Optimization: It is critically important to specify the product specifics like color, size, material and other important specifics of the product for the convenient of the shoppers. Our e-commerce listing optimization experts mention item specifics cautiously and list the products in the right category. Choosing the apt category for the products is vital to optimize the Amazon & eBay product listings which make the products easier to find.  

E-commerce Search Engine Optimization is an excellent way to showcase your products organically on popular platforms like Amazon & eBay to a large number of audience resulting in brand rapport as well as a hike in sales. Our expert e-commerce SEO experts are always informed about the trends and updates from these marketplaces to optimize online stores and product pages boosting the business visibility and preventing risks of penalty.  At Sellryt, our only aim is to provide e-commerce sellers with high-skilled resources to assist them in attaining their objectives.

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