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Share your company’s ideas, offers, and experiences through writing blogs while engaging with the audience simultaneously and prompting them to take action. Blogs are a casual way of sharing one’s opinions and must be taken advantage of in this digitally transformed world. Good content paves the way for a good SEO strategy for businesses which also helps in building trust among the clients and increase website traffic. In this context, Sellryt offers our expert Blog Writing Virtual Assistants who can deliver content-rich blogs to organizations helping them build brand trust and affinity.


Our Blog writing virtual assistants are skilled content creators who understand the benefits of uniqueness and relevancy in a piece of content for the audience. They are certified inbound marketers and are experienced in delivering effective blogs which drives quality traffic to the website. They are quality researchers who research the topic in depth as well as the audience helping the brands enforce a stronger connection with them as well as encouraging the audience to return to the website regularly.


Our blog writing experts are well-trained on Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and understand its mechanism to yield the best results. The benefits of blogs in business can be summed up in the following:


  • Improve website SEO
  • Increase traffic to the website via inbound links
  • Empower brands as thought leaders in their respective industry


The tasks performed by our Blog Writing Professionals are:


  1. Planning: Our Blog writers are exceptional planners when it comes to writing a relevant blog for the relevant audience bringing quality results. They understand the importance of a blog strategy prior to writing any blog for a particular field. They emphasize on the following critical criteria before drafting the blog post:


  • Relevancy: Choosing relevant topics/keywords as per the business’ audience
  • Uniqueness: Original content without duplicacy compliance
  • Depth: In-depth subject matter to provide value to the audience


  1. Keyword Research: Our blog writing virtual assistants are certified digital marketing experts who value the criticality of keyword research for blog posts. They use premium keyword research tools and inspect keywords in similar blogs to gather essential keywords that are relevant to the business as well as the audience to make the blog post a success.



  1. Outline the Blog Post: Our content marketing experts define a framework of the blog post to focus more on the essential topics in a logical way and keep the writing flow consistent throughout the blog. An outline of the blog subject helps not to deviate from the important points which need to be mentioned and which would prove great value to the audience consuming it. Our blog experts consistently refer to the road-map to prevent deviation of the subject matter discussed. The outline of the blog post consists of 4 primary elements:
  • All major headings & sub-headings
  • Important topics under each section of the heading
  • Keywords to be inserted
  • Important notes to include inbound/outbound links



  1. Writing the Blog Post: After outlining the framework of the blog post, our Blog writing experts write the blog in a coherent order mentioning all the essential points as well as engaging the audience simultaneously. They are proficient marketers who value the idea of delighting the audience with the content. They write compelling blog posts urging the blog visitors to take meaningful action, be it fill the lead form or download the eBook.


  1. Edit the Draft: Our blog writing virtual assistants ensure to edit the draft of the blog post to prevent any risk of errors. They know the importance of editing the draft to polish the way of expression in the blog post as well as to check for grammatical mistakes and confusing sentences crucial for effective communication and building brand rapport among the visitors.


  1. Create Visual Content: Visual content aids the readers to skim through the material while grasping every important point mentioned adequately. Our content creation experts create visual content in the form of charts, diagrams, and infographics among others to prevent the audience from missing essential aspects of the blog post. They also implement SEO for visuals to drive meaningful traffic to the website.


Blogging is not just limited to an individual’s hobby but is the central strategic tool to create inbound links and for proper Search Engine Optimization of the website. A quality blog content would rank your site to the top of the search results bringing in quality traffic and leads. At Sellryt, our only aim is to provide a lending hand to businesses through our skillful resources who can help them succeed in their organizational objectives.

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