Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) Virtual Assistants

Stand out in a competitive market with a versatile and insightful platform. Our AMS virtual assistants are abreast of the skills and techniques critical for an effective Amazon marketing campaign. Executing Amazon marketing rightly brings in fruitful outcomes helping the brands to build their brand reputation simultaneously.


Amazon is an absolute platform always devising new processes stimulating a myriad of sellers to sell on its platform and make a mark. It provides sellers to broadcast their products to a huge number of shoppers and flatter their marketing strategy immensely. Our Amazon Marketing (AMS) Virtual Assistants with their creative approach aid the brands to stand out from the crowd and boost their selling game in the most practical way.


Sellryt AMS experts are thoroughly trained on the Amazon marketplace and understand its algorithm at the grass-root level. They not only set up marketing campaigns for Amazon sponsored products but extract and analyze the valuable report to strengthen future marketing tactics. Amazon Marketing Services enables the sellers to advertise their products with three options:

  • Sponsored Ads
  • Headline Ads
  • Product Display Ads


Our AMS/PPC experts assist the brands in accentuating their products in front of a large crowd in a strategic manner. The tasks that our AMS virtual assistants render to help businesses accomplish their sales target are:


  1. Product Research: Our Amazon marketing experts analyze each product of the sellers to determine its selling potential with relevance to their product listing, sales history, demand, among other factors and list each product to initiate its sponsorship campaign on the marketplace.


  1. Competitor Analysis: Our Amazon PPC experts understand the emphasis of detailed competitor analysis and implement the same before initiating the Amazon products sponsored campaigns. They cautiously inspect the brand’s competitors and evaluate the following essential aspects of the competitors’:
  • Product Listings
  • Keywords
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Reviews


Our AMS virtual assistants with their extensive competitive audit help the brands to bring their products in the spotlight and expand their sales appreciably.


  1. Keyword Research: Our Amazon marketing experts value instilling the high-searched keywords in the product listings. They are skilled in premium keyword research tools to perform comprehensive research on high-volume keywords- long-tail as well as short-tail along with its competition to provide a robust marketing game-plan thereby improving the products’ search rankings, drive traffic and increase sales.


  1. Product Grouping: After inspecting the products’ selling potential, our AMS virtual assistants assemble the products based on their categories. Product categorization is essential to manage the sponsored campaigns as well as to prevent errors.


  1. Bid on Keywords: With their sound judgment and thorough research on the keywords, our AMS experts determine the high-performing keywords which can drive clicks, views, and sales. They bid on the keywords depending on their potential to perform well in the sponsored campaign. There are 3 match types of keywords to be bid on:


  • Broad: The ads appear for the keywords bid in any order as well as its close variants.
  • Phrase: The ads appear for the keywords bid with any other keywords before or after it.
  • Exact: The ads appear for the exact keywords bid without any extra keywords.


Our PPC experts determine the best match of keywords to be bid on, depending on the nature of products and its ability to sell in the fierce competition.


  1. Calculate Daily Budget: Our Amazon marketing virtual assistants calculate the daily budget of the advertising campaign tentatively, preventing the sellers to spend more than required to achieve the sales target. They also estimate the Advertising Cost of Sales (ACoS), and with the client’s consent, finalize the daily budget.


  1. Optimize Ads: Our AMS virtual assistants deliberately monitor the sponsored campaigns and analyze the performing products and keywords, also known as ‘Golden Keywords.’ They carefully examine the effectiveness of the keywords and optimize the ads to ensure the success of the Amazon PPC campaign.


  1. Generate Report: Once the sponsored campaigns get stabilized, our Amazon PPC experts generate a comprehensive report to interpret the effectiveness of the campaign and to focus on bringing in a more compelling advertising strategy in the long run.


Amazon is an advantageous yet highly competitive platform, and thus it becomes necessary to come up with an intriguing advertising maneuver to highlight one’s products. Our AMS experts are well-trained marketing professionals who are always updated with the latest trends related to this marketplace. At Sellryt, our only aim is to provide e-commerce businesses with our skilled experts to help them accomplish prominence smoothly.

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