Amazon Keyword Research Virtual Assistants

Standing out in front of a vast audience in an extremely fierce marketplace like Amazon is an undeniably complicated task. Thanks to our highly experienced Amazon Keyword Research Virtual Assistants who carry out detailed Keyword research for the products and by incorporating these highly searched Amazon SEO friendly keywords in the product listings to make it rank better on Amazon Search Result pages.

Our Keyword Research experts understand the importance of Keyword relevancy to the products in order to rank excellently on Amazon. Amazon upgrades itself periodically to enhance the customers’ experience by giving more emphasis on the relevancy of keywords. Our Keywords research VA’s implement a step by step plan to gather a list of relevant search terms for products to boost its Amazon search rankings.

Our Amazon SEO expert team are well-trained not only in researching the relevant keywords for the products but also analyzing the competition of those terms in the marketplace as well as to track their performance for marketing.  

Our keyword research virtual assistants understand the multiple benefits of thorough product keyword research:

  • Drive Organic Traffic
  • Improved Amazon Search Ranking
  • Increased Clicks & Impressions
  • Enhanced Brand Visibility
  • Better Performing Keyword-Targetted Campaign
  • Increased Revenue

Our Key Terms Research Team help brands stand out by examining the relevant keywords with their high caliber. These are the tasks our experts execute while researching the most compatible keywords for the products:

  1.  Product Analysis: Our Keyword Research virtual assistants thoroughly understand the product before getting into the marketplace research. They understand the various features of the product to gather useful information necessary to use the significant keywords.
  2. Buyer Persona Identification: Many sellers miss this opportunity to understand their buyer persona. Our Amazon SEO Virtual Assistants apprehend the eminence of identifying the buyer personas. This step provides an adequate clue of the probable search terms used by them.
  3. Competitor Analysis: One of the most crucial steps for preparing the list of keywords is to examine the competitors. Our keyword research remote assistant carefully analyze more than 10 of the best sellers to gain insights on the keywords used to strengthen the backend of the products.
  4. Spotting Amazon Autocomplete keywords: Amazon itself is a great tool to detect a generous amount of already indexed search terms used by the shoppers. Our Keyword research experts utilize Amazon suggestions from search bar to gather various significant keywords which is relevant to the product.
  5. Using Keyword Research Tools: Our Amazon Keyword Research experts use premium keyword research tools to examine the keywords more cautiously. They analyze every keyword closely, its search volume, its competition in the marketplace and the ability to perform. After analyzing each keyword, our experts finalize their list of keywords for further utilization in the product listing.

The list is classified depending on the nature of the keywords. There are 3 kinds of keywords used in the digital space:

  • Head /Single Word Keywords: The single word keywords has immense competition in the marketplace. They require an extensive amount of time to rank as many popular brands acquire the rank on these keywords.
  • Body Keywords: Body keywords are composed of 2-3 words and have moderate competition. They rank pretty well and do not require as much time and effort as the single word search terms.
  • Long Tail Keywords: Long tail keywords are generally more than 4+ words and have fewer search volumes and lesser competition. This kind of keywords performs the best in the long run when you are in a marketplace like Amazon.

Amazon is a highly competitive platform, and our Keyword research virtual assistants are proficient in analyzing and determining relevant keywords for the products. They are well-trained on the high-end tools to gather keywords and their search volumes in a categorized fashion preventing any risk of errors. They implement their task in a timely and professional manner to please our clients worldwide. At Sellryt, we only aim to provide useful resources to businesses so that they can accomplish a new summit.

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