Amazon FBA Virtual Assistants

Selling products on Amazon is one of the significant decisions one can make. It offers an incredible opportunity to the sellers to manage their online business from the comfort of their homes. After the crucial decision to sell products on Amazon, there are plenty of other features that need to be considered for business scalability and generating better revenue. One of them is using Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA).

Fulfillment by Amazon is an excellent service offered by Amazon. It helps brand owners, retailers as well as importers in many ways and provides great convenience when it comes to selling online. Various features like Prime Tag gets unlocked when any seller use the FBA features. There are many advantages to using the Amazon FBA service. An effortless and timely delivery of the products is one of them. It is a great business model for e-commerce sellers to start the e-commerce venture from scratch.

Our Amazon FBA Virtual Assistants perform multiple tasks to manage the Amazon account with their high expertise. They come with an array of skills to manage your Amazon FBA account productively and efficiently.

  1. Registration: Our Amazon FBA experts register the seller for Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) program. This is an important and compulsory step which lets the seller register to use Amazon’s FBA service. The process requires some basic documents which need to be uploaded to Amazon and the sellers are easily registered under FBA.
  2. Amazon Product Listings: Our Amazon FBA executives hold high experience in listing the products with Amazon SEO friendly keywords intended to sell under FBA (if they are not already listed). They are highly skilled and list the products with utmost accuracy saving enough of the seller’s time.
  3. Product Research: Our Amazon FBA remote assistant also guide the sellers about best-selling products amongst their category. They analyze the potential products which can drive sales by reviewing listings, organic rank, sales history as well as the demand of the product. Among many other factors, the overall cost of sale plays an important role when deciding for FBA service because FBA storage and fulfillment cost must be included while calculating the profit margins after the sale. After the completion of the research, the potential items from sellers catalog are shared with the sellers to provide them with an insight on which products to send Amazon for the fulfillment service.
  4. Shipments Creation: Our Amazon FBA virtual assistants create shipping plan of the items required to be shipped to Amazon for FBA. Creation of shipping plan before shipping the products to Amazon warehouse is a mandatory step as per Amazon procedure. A successfully created shipping plan will inform the seller about the Amazon warehouse address to ship the products. Once the plan is created, our FBA virtual assistants help sellers work on shipment by generating box labels with a precise stock of corresponding SKUs required by Amazon for an efficient and smooth inventory management. Our Amazon FBA experts use the Shipment Creation Workflow tool to manage the shipments earnestly.
  5. Shipment Tracking: Checking the timely delivery of the products, the shipment of products and whether the products are delivered in full quantity in their respective condition is tracked rigorously in a periodic manner. Our Amazon FBA managers are well-trained to monitor the delivery of the FBA products to prevent any complications.
  6. Create and Manage Campaigns: Our Amazon FBA virtual assistants run and manage the advertising campaign of FBA products. They are well trained in campaign audit and optimize it when the situation persists. They generate a detailed and functional report of the campaign in order to analyze the campaign for future references and come up with a dynamic marketing approach.

Fulfillment by Amazon(FBA) is an amazing feature to be used by the sellers on Amazon. From delivery to customer service is managed by Amazon which results in saving much of the time. Our Amazon FBA virtual assistants are well-trained and examined regularly to deliver accurate and professional work to our clients worldwide. At Sellryt, our only aim is to provide Amazon sellers with our proficient experts to help them prosper considerably.

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