Amazon Account Management Virtual Assistants

Amazon is an e-commerce giant with a turnover of over $175 billion and selling through this platform is indeed promising. Amazon provides its sellers with multiple convenient opportunities to increase their sales and visibility, and thus improve their brand presence online. In order to assist Amazon sellers to focus more on their operational success, we at Sellryt provide our experienced Amazon Account Management Virtual Assistants to carry out the tedious task of handling the e-commerce account smoothly.

Our Amazon Account Managers are well-trained on various layers of the marketplace to carry out the task efficiently. They are well-versed with the latest policies of Amazon Account Management, taking the businesses towards progress while preventing any risks.  

In this e-commerce world, the e-commerce giant prompts businesses to sell on the platform and enjoy the numerous benefits it comes with. It is critical for companies to hire a skilled Amazon Account Manager who would help them to achieve their goals in a cost-efficient as well as time-saving manner.

Our Amazon Account Management Virtual Assistants are abreast with the latest tools, software, and tactics for rightly managing the e-commerce account. The tasks rendered by our skilled and certified Amazon Account Managers are:

  1. Amazon Seller Account Creation: It is crucial to register as a seller or a vendor prior to selling on Amazon, and our Amazon Account Managers register the sellers with their information depending on their requirement to initiate selling on the platform.
  2. Amazon Product Listing: Product Listing is a crucial task which enables the company to upload the products to the Amazon catalog and provide key features, descriptions, and images of the product which is certainly time-consuming. Our Amazon Account Management executives cautiously create a catalog for each product picking out every SKU, its variants and images, listing these products in bulk using flat file templates promptly saving businesses a critical measure of their time.
  3. Order Processing: Our Amazon Account Management experts manage orders and process them promptly. They handle every order while also managing the shipping and invoicing. They also prepare reports of orders to assist businesses with useful insights helpful to outline important business decisions.
  4. Stock Management: Stock play a crucial role in e-commerce which can make or break one’s reputation in the marketplace. If the product is unavailable for purchase, the product ranking goes down, the sale decreases and hamper the brand adversely. Our Amazon Account Management Virtual Assistants monitor the stock periodically and communicate with the seller to refill the stock as required.
  5. Return/Refund Management: Amazon gives immense priority to the shoppers and urges the sellers to return/refund any item if the buyer demands. Our Amazon Account Managers handle the returns and communicate with the buyer to initiate the refund in a smooth and effective manner to build the brand’s credibility which eventually results in more sales.
  6. Customer Service: Businesses thrive by their ability to delight their customers. Amazon too is a customer-centric e-commerce platform which calls its sellers to provide the best to its customers. Our Amazon Account Management executives understand the importance of excellent customer service and handle their queries as and when required inciting them to purchase repeatedly.
  7. Buyer-Seller Communication: Our Amazon experts are effective communicators and interact with the buyer as well as the seller in a clear and concise way to prevent any misinterpretation. They manage this time-consuming task of interacting with the buyers and taking their feedback and requirements saving heaps of time of the sellers aiding them to improve and grow in the marketplace tremendously.

Amazon is a highly competitive marketplace and one of the most profitable platforms for sellers to generate high returns. Our Amazon Account Management Virtual Assistants are always updated with the latest trends of this marketplace and are regularly monitored to deliver their projects to businesses globally in a timely manner. At Sellryt, our only aim is to provide e-commerce sellers with our trained experts to help them prosper in the market remarkably.

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