Account Health Management Virtual Assistants

Amazon is a highly competitive market where millions of sellers trade their products and make huge profits. The e-commerce giant focuses on its customers extensively which demands the sellers practice good ethics to maintain their Amazon account health. If any seller fails to adhere to Amazon’s terms and policies, it might lead to immediate suspension of the seller account. Account health management requires rigorous monitoring of the various criteria essential for a good account health score. At Sellryt, our Account Health Management virtual assistants are well-versed with all the good practices and policies set by Amazon to manage the Amazon Seller/Vendor Central Account health via careful and ordered monitoring of the metrics in Amazon seller account.

Our Amazon Account Health Management Virtual Assistants are well-trained not only in maintaining the account health of the seller’s account but also help to boost its visibility in the marketplace through Amazon Marketing Services as well as Amazon SEO aiding the business to earn profits.

Our Amazon Account Managers are adept with the skills needed to carry out the tasks in the marketplace and understand the importance of a healthy Amazon account leading to more credibility as well as sales. The tasks that they perform are:


  1. Monitor Order Defect Rate: Our Account Health Management virtual assistants monitor the order defect rate of the sellers and effectively communicate with the clients to conduct the audit on the product’s quality or modify the existing listing with more information (or instructions) to bridge down the expectation gap buyers might have from the products to maintain the order defect rate under 1% as set by Amazon.
  2. Maintain Cancellation Rate: Sellers need to maintain Cancellation Rate cautiously while selling on Amazon. Our Amazon Account Health Managers maintain the cancellation rate under 2.5% by regularly coordinating with the clients to maintain the stock supply. They use replenishment alerts, business reports to provide insights to the client for demand and update the exact stock on Amazon backend with accurate SLA so that the businesses can enjoy seamless operations in the marketplace.
  3. Maintain Late Shipment Rate (LSR): Late Shipment Rate increases with the late delivery of products. Our Account Health Management experts maintain and monitor LSR by confirming shipment of orders as expected by the customers and help them view the shipment status online to prevent the risk of increased claims and negative customer experience. They maintain the LSR under 4% as per Amazon’s policy.
  4. Maintain Valid Tracking Rate: Valid Tracking Rate includes all shipments with their tracking number represented as a percentage of the total shipments during a 30-day period. Our Account Health Management Virtual Assistants maintain the VTR above 95% as below this percentage will lead to a restriction in the ability to sell on Amazon (non-FBA).
  5. Maintain On-Time Delivery Rate Performance: Amazon requires the sellers to deliver to their customers on time and maintain On-Time Delivery Rate (OTDR) which is the percentage of total tracked shipments. Our Amazon Account health experts manage the OTDR performance carefully while maintaining good customer relations which in turn results in increased brand rapport.
  6. Maintain and Manage Return Dissatisfaction Rate: Amazon prioritizes customer satisfaction and advises the sellers to maintain positive customer relations and return experience. Our Amazon Account Health Management Virtual Assistants prevent negative return dissatisfaction rate by responding quickly to customers’ queries while effectively communicating with them for an impressive experience. Managing RDR under 10% is crucial to restrict negative customer feedbacks as well as A-Z Guarantee claims.

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, has millions of sellers who sell over billions of products worldwide and hence Amazon has a strict policy in maintaining the account health to continue rendering value to its customers. At Sellryt, our only aim is to provide e-commerce businesses with our skilled resources to help them manage their Amazon account efficiently in a longer run.


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