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An explosive growth in the ecommerce becomes a fruitful reality when online businesses understand their customer behaviour well to strike the right chord while marketing a product(s).

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The era of digital commerce has provided us with tools to guide each and every step while strategizing a successful campaign. One such tool is the huge amount of data received through online transactions and pay-outs. The analysis of this qualitative and quantitative data of the customer behaviour drives research and development to create better online experiences that translate into desired outcomes for the online sellers.

Valuable data is dispersed throughout the major online marketplaces to be collected and utilized in the form of a successful online strategy.

Plenty of times this data is wasted as either sellers are unable to understand the labyrinth of numbers, or they don’t have enough time to sit back and review. It turns out to be a major loss as sellers get out of touch of the current trends in the market.

An easy way to remain in sync with the latest market trends and customer behaviour is by outsourcing data analysis. While you closely look after your product(s), we at Sellryt can manage and analyse your data to procure the key towards growth and success.

Sellryt Data Service Advantage

With Sellryt’s Data Analytics Services you can observe statistical data in the form of graphs, histograms and line curves to understand day by day changes in the ecommerce industry and the direction required for the betterment of your products and services. These graphs are based on overall totals, different accounts, brands, product name, ASIN or SKU etc.

You also get to keep a close look on the pay-out periods on different online marketplaces in sync with your account, brand and product line.

Easy access and search of customers and transactions with contact information such as phone number, emails and addresses are also a perk of data services at Sellryt. This list can further be filtered by brand, products, ASIN and SKU to reveal demographic information about the (potential) customers.

For better understanding, an easily accessible and searchable list of orders is also part of the service where you can observe orders from buyers. This list can be further sorted by the number of purchases to strategize the best way to make a repeat order through display ads and online marketing.

By acquiring our data services, you will be able to track down market performance through a close scrutiny of click-thru rates (CTR), ad impressions and cost-per-click (CPC)

In short, our data analytics will enable you to have a better grasp on the market performance of your brands and product lines by collecting all the dispersed data on a single platform for the ease of access.

  • We at Turner Tools are very impressed by the performance of Sellryt under the leadership of Mr. Peeyush. This partnership with them has made our online business grow tremendously. Sales and after sales are fully taken care of and they are handling the company's online sales just like their own, spending time and energy on it and not letting anything undone. They have always been available throughout the day and night. It's a one stop solution for all online sales. All in all it's an excellent team to work with. Looking forward to another year of business with them.

    Aditya Agarwal - M.D - Turner Tools
    New Delhi
  • We, Dolphin Sales Agency are using the services of Sellryt Business solutions from the past 3 months, we are thankful and impressed by the service and support provided by our account manager at Sellryt Mr. Himanshu Singh. He is managing our account in Amazon properly and timely. At first, we faced some issues in listing our products at Amazon, there were lot of issues and delay in listings largely form the Amazon side, and after loads of telephonic conversations and mails from the sellryt team, as of now the issue is solved. The work ethic, support and service of the team is good and satisfactory. In coming months and year, with the e-commerce industry expected to boom spontaneously with time, we expect and hope that the Sellryt team will continue to support us in a much better way.

    Sabeeluddin - Dolphin Sales Agency
  • Bless Me Creations, Sellryt Business Solutions came as a boon to us, when we were struggling at listing our products on amazon, they helped us not just with the listings but the sales promotion also. We were impressed by the following things: Easily reachable even during late hours, Always work on time, Goes extra mile every time, Inventory management software is icing on the cake. I can now say that only thing I need to care about is the sourcing of raw materials and production and leave out the rest to sellryt team.

    Achal Gupta - Bless Me Creations
    New Delhi




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