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The client is a US-based importer selling products in various household categories such as Home & Kitchen, Health & Personal Care on Amazon.com, and other online marketplaces.

The product line also extends to organic deodorizing, cleaning, and sanitizing products.

Key Problem Areas

The client experienced stagnant growth in revenue due to low sales and suppressed account listings. Non-compliance with Amazon policies weakened the company's account health, and the lack of branding meant that the brand reach was heavily impacted.

It was important to restrategize and formulate a result-driven E-commerce plan to grow the business in highly competitive online marketplaces.

Sellryt's Approach and Analysis

As the client approached Sellryt, a critical analysis followed. The assessment focussed on identifying the root causes of the problem and then deciding on an action plan to improve sales

Improper Management of Amazon Product Pages

Sellryt observed the client's product pages on Amazon to be improper and needing optimization. The key takeaways as per the analysis were:

  • Lack of SEO friendly keywords in product titles and descriptions
  • Product descriptions required inclusion of relevant features and useful information
  • The Product Images didn't meet the quality standards of Amazon
  • The desired number of customers did not review the products
Branding on Online Marketplaces

As branding plays a vital role in the successful running of an online business, it was naturally a key focus area for Sellryt to monitor and evaluate. The result of this stated that there was a need to re-align focus on branding more effectively to influence consumer reach and improve conversion rates positively.

Amazon Policies

Sellryt's deep-dive analysis highlighted an issue related to Amazon documentation policies. Due to a lack of knowledge or missing in-house expertise, various policy pre-requisites were not met. Amazon's policy guidelines are strict, and thus, meeting them is essential to the long-term successful running of the business on the platform. This situation called for immediate intervention to help the client overcome this situation.


To move the client out of this slump, the team at Sellryt proposed a front-to-back Amazon strategy driven towards the company's overall growth. After brainstorming several options, our experts designed a customized plan that specifically focussed on improving conversion rates, nullifying operational deficiencies, and increasing sales volumes.

SEO on Product Pages

To enhance organic rankings and support Pay-Per Click (PPC) campaigns, Sellryt implemented SEO on the client's current product listings with high search volume keywords and optimized the product titles, bullet points, product description, and backend search terms. This step was executed to provide higher visibility and relevance to the client's products.

EBC Content to Alleviate Branding

The expert team at Sellryt curated Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) and modified the listings' product descriptions with visually rich content. EBCs help in adding enhanced images and text placements to create a compelling brand story. Our graphic designers, well-versed with the Amazon policies, improved the quality and representation of product images to attract prospective buyers.

Expert Insight into Amazon Policies

As the client experienced multiple compliance issues concerning Amazon Policies, Sellryt laid out a training plan to educate them on mandatory documentation requirements to ensure the business's efficient running on various marketplaces and avoid the situation of suppressed account listings in the longer run.

Content Writing Overhaul

For establishing product reliability and driving a higher volume of purchases, a content overhaul was carried out by Sellryt. The focus was on curating highly informative, relevant, and user-friendly content that the customers would associate with. Product content is not just a piece of information about the product. It has a significant impact on the final purchase decision of the buyers as well. Hence, a complete revamp was deemed necessary.

What the Results Say

In only a few months after the implementation, the client smashed their sales goals.

The yearly sales grow by 99%. The number of Products in the catalog increased by 2.8 times. The annual shipped units increased by 64%.

The client and Sellryt have enjoyed a successful working relationship for two years now. The Amazon account health is in good condition, and the client is now focused on expanding the product line to further grow the business.

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