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Top 4 Trends Of Digital Marketing In 2018 Which Should Not Be Ignored

2018 is progressing with changes in marketing techniques. The digital marketing techniques which include SEO, content marketing, PPC, social media and various others are shifting towards a more advanced level with the advancement of technology and bots. You might have ignored the robotic scene from the science fiction you watched, but as a marketer, the bots and various technological advancements should not be overlooked in 2018. Here are the top Top 4 trends of Digital Marketing in 2018 Which Should Not Be Ignored.


Being a marketer is all about knowing the human psyche and how they interact with their environment. Human mind keeps looking for ways which make things easier for them. They also want to experience excitement; this is the result why technology has advanced, and it is now a marketer’s responsibility to strategize various tactics to make their campaigns successful.


With the increase of mobile users and online presence, it is a safe bet to say the world has gone digital. People prefer to work digitally as it is both convenient and exciting.  It is one of the reasons why marketers should not omit digital marketing as well as new digital marketing trends.


The key is to stay on top of the digital marketing trends and keep on analyzing which tactics works for your business. It is essential to note that with the constant shift in trends, what worked for you last year may not work in the coming year.


  1. Voice for SEO :


Analysts predict that by 2020, all searches will be done using voice. So, it is very crucial to include voice in your SEO strategy. As I mention, people want to make things easier for them. They want immediate answers to their questions. Google does provide them quick answers through its featured snippet block. Marketers should focus on creating quality content so that they can rank on Google’s ‘position zero.’  This ‘position zero’ is the same as the featured snippet which appears at the top of the SERP. It is important to optimize content so that your website provides the searchers with immediate results featured for voice search.


Tips to be featured for Voice search:

  • Specific and Concise answers: You must include answers to your audience searches in the simplest way possible in your content. Google mostly features precise and to-the-point paragraphs most likely to answer the searchers’ question.  It is advised not to use business jargons which confuse the reader.


  • Optimizing Content: It is essential to optimize your content if it is not already. Writing engaging and interesting content makes it stand out and gives you the chance to rank in Google’s top 10. One study found that more than 99% featured pages ranks in Google’s first page. The webpage must be engaging with your audience. The metadata must be optimized.  Strong internal and external links with an even stronger SEO strategy will help your webpage to be featured.  As more people use mobile devices nowadays, make sure that your page is mobile-friendly, so that people read your content instead of bouncing back which will impact your SEO.


  • Researched questions as keywords: Research is the best tactic to implement for keywords. As you want to make your content featured for voice search,  it is critical to research the questions most asked by your audience and include them in your webpage. Think about how your target audience would ask questions and use them in your content.


  1. Rich Focused Content:


Whether it is video, picture, infographics, web content or social media, consumers are jammed with content. In this world of marketing, where consumers see ads everywhere, it is important to catch your audience’s attention. You will have to compete with the content your competitors are providing to their audience for similar products. The competition is vigorous, and you have to stand out.  Regardless of what business you are in, you can create focused niche content to attract people’s attention.


You have to get specific and create content for sub-niches of the industry you deal in. You can research what your audience wants.  Even if the topic is not so popular among your competitors, you can take advantage of this chance to create very centered content, that is, content on the niche of your niche.  What is the benefit of providing rich, focused content? The reason is, your competitors are offering the same content to your audience, and they want interesting content which doesn’t bore them.

Let’s say for an example if you are in the tea industry, instead of how to make a perfect tea or the benefits of tea; you can provide content like, ‘how to choose the perfect tea leaves for a strong tea’ or ‘how to make ginger tea to prevent cold.’


  1. Driving Millennials:


Convenience is one of the things which matters to Millennials. Marketers should take this opportunity to drive them to their content or website. The key is ‘Convenience.’ Millennials want experience which is exciting and sweet with ease. They want answers which are to the point and prompt. Complicated keywords and sentences will resist them coming to your page so the objective should be to use natural words and phrases which will drive these millennials to our content.  Use very engaging content to help them interact with your content instead of repulsing them. It is also essential to provide them with a quick guide or real-time chat which can help them find what they might be looking for.


Tips to drive Millennials:


  • Video: Video engages people. More than 80% of people prefer to watch videos than any other content.


  • Engaging them on Social Media: Just online presence will not do any help if you are not creating engaging content.


  • Valuable Content: Create Valuable Content which can benefit them. Help them download e-books, educational articles, or webinars.


  • App: An app for your website can be downloaded for the ease of use as well as promptness.


  1. Artificial Intelligence:


Artificial Intelligence is a trend in the digital world which you should not ignore.  15% of the people say that they have used chatbots to interact with a business in the last 12 months, this says a lot about the technological shift to communicate with the audience. How can you integrate AI into your digital strategy?


  • Interacting with website visitors: Sometimes your website visitors become confused about where to go and find the information they are looking for. You can install a chatbot for your visitors which can guide them and answer their query without an actual employee. It is not only quick but makes the website user-friendly. If in case a chatbot could not answer a question, a human help would be at the rescue.


  • Lead Management: In the era of digital advancement, getting leads is not quite tricky but managing it. You might be getting different leads depending on their interaction. It becomes difficult to know every interaction of the leads and how you can utilize those to generate revenue.


Bots become extremely important at this point. It can track your audience’s interaction at the different level of the sales funnel, ask questions, answer queries, and determine which products to show them which can interest them.   Bots are one of the essential digital marketing trends which is extremely helpful, and no marketer should ignore it.


  • Personalization and user experience: By integrating bots on your website, you can allow them to extract data from the users and each time a user visits your site, you can delight them by personalization. Humans love the personal touch and excellent user experience which you can achieve through artificial intelligence. Even Google uses an AI bot for tremendous user experience.


As the world becomes more and more digital, the advancement in digital technology will stun us.  The best way to inculcate the newest digital strategies in your marketing campaign is to stay abreast of the changes in the ever-growing digital world.


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