Amazon vs Flipkart: The Freedom Sale or The Big Freedom Sale

Amazon vs Flipkart: The Freedom Sale or The Big Freedom Sale?

India will be celebrating their 72nd Independence Anniversary, and to mark this ceremonial day, Amazon and Flipkart will be hosting Freedom Sale on their respective platforms.

To mark the ceremonial event of 72nd Independence Day, Flipkart and Amazon came up with the idea of getting more sales by hosting their Big Freedom Sale and Freedom Sale respectively. Flipkart’s Big Freedom Sale will be hosted from August 10 to 12 while Amazon will be hosting its Freedom Sale from August 9 to 12. These e-commerce giants are offering massive discounts on electronics, mobiles, gadgets, clothing, and various other accessories.


Flipkart’s offering on ‘The Big Freedom Sale’:

During the three days of sale, Flipkart will be hosting ‘The Freedom Hour’, which will have hourly deals. During this sale, Citibank credit card users can enjoy cashback of up to 10 percent. Flipkart announced that the blockbuster deals will be held every eight hours during the sale period. There will also be a ‘rush hour’ during this sale period which will be held between 12 am and 2 am on the starting day of the Freedom Sale, that is, August 10. Last but not the least, there will be a ‘Freedom Countdown’, which will be held on all the 3 days of sale between 7.47 pm to 8.18 pm, which is 31 minutes of price drop on products across various categories.

The e-commerce giant has not given all the information related to the deals and discounts on various products but gave a sneak peak of the big event. According to the sneak peek, Flipkart is giving deals on smartphones of various brands like Samsung, Apple, and Xiaomi among many others which has a great market share in India. The company also aims to give up to 80 percent discount on selected laptops, audio accessory, gadgets, cameras, and various other electronics.


Amazon offers on ‘The Freedom Sale’:

During the four-day sale, Amazon will offer huge discounts and deals for different products. The company is providing an additional cashback of 10 percent to all the State Bank of India debit and credit card holders. Also, an extra advantage to shop on Amazon on this sale day will be ‘No Cost EMI’ payment mode available on a large category of products.

One Plus 6 will be available with extra exchange offers ranging from Rs 1,000 to Rs 9,000. There will be huge discounts on smartphones such as Huawei P20 Lite, Realme 1, Moto G6, and Samsung Galaxy Note 8 among many others. An overall offer of 40 percent on all kinds of mobiles and accessories will be given on this Freedom Sale.

Not only this, Amazon will offer up to 50 percent off on all electronics including DSLR cameras, wired and wireless speakers, laptops and hard drives. Amazon announced that there will be over 2000 offers for the buyers solely on electronic items on this Freedom Sale.

The e-commerce giant will also provide huge discounts on its products like Amazon Echo, Kindle e-books, Fire T.V Stick, etc. Amazon will also offer discount coupons on every order which you can redeem to buy various other eligible products. Amazon App Jackpot will be available to the buyers, which offers prizes worth Rs 4 Lacs. Special benefits will be given to the buyers by using Amazon Pay.

How can you get better sales on this huge event of Freedom Sale on these marketplaces?


It is not the number of units sold which will determine profit on this event but it depends on various factors like:


  1. Product Category: The category that you sell your products in is important while deciding where you sell. Let’s take an example, if you sell smartphones it is better to determine which marketplace has a high percentage of Mobiles selling. This will help you to get more sales and increase your profit considerably.


  1. Price: If you sell products or goods which has higher value, it is better to sell them on Flipkart. Flipkart is more trusted among consumers for high-value products but make sure to compare the sales percentage before selling on these marketplaces for a better revenue.



  1. FBA & Prime: If your products are fulfilled by Amazon and delivered by Prime then it will be an obvious choice to sell on Amazon. Prime plays a huge role in purchase decision-making process.


It is very important to keep various factors in mind before selling on these e-commerce marketplaces on the big event such as Freedom Sale. It is a no-brainer that sales automatically happen on these platforms while they get huge discounts and deals.

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