Seller Central Alexa skill

Seller Central Alexa skill: Use voice command to access your Amazon account

Seller Central Alexa skill: With new Seller Central Alexa Amazon aims to make monitoring businesses efficient and easier for sellers. It was originally released as beta versions in December 2017 and on 17th January 2018 it is now made available to all vendors within the U.S Marketplace.
Alexa will now serve as a virtual employee as well as a personal assistant with this new skill. It is easy to get started by just hitting the ‘Enable’ button on Seller Central Page. After enabling link your seller account when prompted. Once done with setup, say the magic words, “Alexa, open Seller Central” and start accessing your account functions.

This Seller Central skill is free and backed by five star reviews across the board. Sellers can pose specific command questions to Alexa for access to all their business related queries.

What can I ask the Seller Central Alexa Skill?

Seller Central Alexa skill

Well, the choices are few but with R&D in process of enhancing this skill, we can see new updates soon. Here are some examples of command queries form Amazon Seller Central:

  • How’s my business?
  • How’s my inventory doing?
  • What were my sales last week?
  • Did I receive any orders?
  • What were my sales last week?
  • Do I have any buyer messages?
  • What’s my current balance?
  • What are my campaigns?
  • When will I get paid?

What Seller Central Data can be accessed through Alexa?

The Seller Central Alexa skill can also provide quick and constant updates for busy professionals, including things like:

  • Campaign Performance
  • Inventory Check
  • Message Summaries
  • Bank Balances
  • Upcoming Payments

FYI: The only condition to access and use this skill is that sellers need to have an Alexa enabled device at their end and professional seller account. It’s time to upgrade to a professional account if not already done.

The Benefits of the Seller Central Alexa Skill

Seller Central Alexa skill

It is the ability of this voice enabled digital assistant to recognize seller needs and grab the chance to fulfill them. This new skill reinforces Amazon’s dominance in the market. Earlier it was made available to the few beta tester have given favorable reviews about this skills and boasts about its:

  • Utility for accessing multiple parts of the seller’s account.
  • Convenient in getting updates and information any time anywhere the seller wants.
  • Efficient in getting the most up to date information on specific areas of business.
  • Accessibility through a voice controlled device.
  • Ease of use for newer and busiest sellers.
  • Engages sellers through conversational tone.
  • Instant access to information on overall health of the business.

Purchase new Alexa Device to get started with Alexa as your new virtual assistant if you didn’t have purchased it by now. Then, enable the Seller Central Alexa skill to access your seller account with the sound of your voice.

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