Reasons why Amazon PPC can prove beneficial to youReasons why Amazon PPC can prove beneficial to you

Reasons Why Amazon PPC Can Prove Beneficial To You

Marketing is very vital for any business growth, and the reason is simple; your customers should be aware of your products and what value your products hold in return of their time and money. If no one knew about your product, how can you even sell them? This is why marketing plays an important role in educating your customers about your brand, your product, and the value it provides. And for Amazon sellers, Amazon PPC is definitely a good approach.

It is needless to say that with the increase of digital exposure, hundreds of thousands of sellers are marketing their products online and competing to be noticed by their customers. It is definitely not easy to get a good amount of traffic to your online store or your products just by marketing. A perfect marketing strategy is a key to success in marketplaces like Amazon.

Sellers with robust marketing tactics gain a competitive advantage over others without proper advertising game plan who end up spending more on their marketing campaigns for fewer results.

Just not the platform you are selling, but how conveniently you are making your products available to your customers also play a very important role in determining the visibility of your e-commerce brand.  In this article, we are discussing Amazon PPC and how it can prove beneficial to sellers.


What is Amazon PPC?

Amazon marketing is a direct option which helps sellers to buy the top position on the Amazon results pages. The advertisers pay a certain amount when someone clicks on their ads, and hence it is termed as ‘Amazon Pay-Per-Click’ or ‘Amazon PPC.’

Amazon PPC is a technique to market or sponsor your products and be visible in front of your customers when they search for a specific keyword on Amazon.  Amazon PPC is often known as ‘Sponsored Products’ because the products have been sponsored that is paid, and not rank organically in the search results pages.  

It is also important to note that Amazon is a great platform to advertise, which does not only market your product within Amazon but also increase your likelihood to appear on search engine giants like Google and Bing, in turn increasing your product visibility.  So, why not take advantage of this versatile platform?


How Amazon Pay Per Click Works?

It is crucial for a seller to know how Amazon Advertising works in order to succeed in the fierce marketplace competition. Amazon ads are based on two things- Keywords and Auctions.  A seller bids on a particular keyword which is searched most by customers so that their product appear for that keyword. It is important to know that prior sales history, relevancy, bids, among others are the critical criteria which Amazon considers while ranking you on top of their results page. Sellers only have to pay when their ad is clicked and no additional cost for impressions.


Where do Sponsored Ads appear on Amazon?


  1. Amazon Search Results:  Yes, the sponsored products can appear on the First row, in the middle of the search result, and toward the end of the search result pages.
  2. Product Listing Page: An Advertised product can appear on the product listing pages below the product title and the image as well as above the Product FAQ and customer reviews.

These placements garner the reasonable attention of your potential buyers to your products.


What are the benefits of Amazon PPC for a seller?

Even if your product is selling in good numbers, you might want to start Amazon sponsored ads for your products to test and see where it takes you.  Some of the prominent benefits of Amazon PPC are:

  1. Hike in sales for all products in your product line:  We know Amazon ads work for a particular keyword. If you have products which do not normally rank for a specific keyword, you can start running PPC ads for your products. Doing so would help your products get extra impressions and clicks by ranking them on top of the Amazon search results than they usually would. and thereby most likely to boost your product sales.


  1. Holiday/Seasonal Campaigns can boost sales impressively: Holidays are a great time to showcase your products to your customers if you have such seasonal products. For example Christmas, Halloween, Mother’s Day, etc. You can take note of these celebrated days and start prepping to market your products in front of your customers. The reason is, many people tend to shop for their friends and family, and Amazon gets a lot of quality traffic during holidays or celebrated days. Targeting these potential buyers will likely result in more clicks and sales. Also, the fourth quarter of the year or Q4 is the time when you can start running sponsored ads to get rid of the inventory you have at the end of the year.


  1.  Sponsoring Fresh Listings: New products usually have a hard time getting at the top of Amazon search results because of no sale history and non-indexed keywords. As Amazon tends to give priority to the best-selling products, because it has been indexed and has a strong sale data, it becomes essential to sponsor new product listings so that Amazon can index new keywords as well as to improve its sales. New products get few clicks and sales as many shoppers might not know about those products. It is imperative to use Amazon PPC in order to generate clicks and boost sales of newly listed products which will automatically enhance its organic search ranking.


  1.  Influence Organic Rankings: Amazon ads can boost your products organic ranking. This is because of the extra sales generated during the Ad campaign. As sales play an important ranking factor on Amazon, it is needless to say that Amazon PPC is a safe bet if you want to increase your products’ organic ranking on Amazon. We have frequently seen a considerable increase in a product’s natural ranking for those keywords for which it has been used on Amazon Advertisement.  


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