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What a One day Delivery Can Do for Your Business

When it comes to product delivery in the online marketplace, the goal is to be “fast”. Especially, when your business enters the fourth fiscal quarter, one day delivery becomes a must. Currently, the average delivery time is 5-6 business days. Some marketplaces have topped this by delivering products within 1-2 business days. What are the benefits of a fast delivery system?

A faster delivery service gives a competitive advantage in the marketplace. It also serves customers by ensuring that their urgent needs are met immediately. They can try products faster, return them if they are not happy with them and can again place a different order if they are assured of a fast and hassle-free delivery.

One day delivery ensures that the inventory at the business end is maintained well. Faster delivery means goods are sent immediately, removing inventory sooner. This saves precious resources, including money and time. Technology allows a business to update its suppliers of the necessary goods and permits on-time delivery. Additionally, the safety inventory maintained in stock will also reduce. This will allow the business to stock diverse and variegated goods.

A seller should understand the need for its customers. One of the needs includes receiving their orders as soon as possible. When a business meets this need, it will attract more loyal customers. But it is not only about loyalty. When a business sells more, it earns more within a period. The one day delivery program cuts down delivery time and brings in greater revenues.

Another advantage to the business is its enhanced productivity. Businesses which adopt the quick-delivery program enjoy short deadlines, efficient work, and increased productivity. These are essential for sustaining a business in e-commerce.

The advantages of a one day delivery are impressive. Nonetheless, businesses should keep check of the inherent issues. The value of the merchandise is likely to increase with faster delivery. Often this program is limited to selected cities. Additionally, same-day delivery may require research and more resources, making it expensive. When the supply networks are not good, customers can get unhappy.

The Christmas shopping season is about to come and with Thanksgiving and Black Friday knocking on the door, it’s time to be prepared for excellent customer services and one day delivery is an indispensable part of it.


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