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Listing Optimization – The Foundation for Successful Online Selling

Listing Optimization – The Foundation for Successful Online Selling

Boosting your online sales is a complex process, it requires regular monitoring, tracking, optimizing and management. Every part of the process is incredibly crucial in order for you to have long-term success online. However, one part of the process stands out due to the sheer magnitude of importance it carries, and that process is listing optimization. Listing optimization forms the base for all your future activities online and can single-handedly be the reason for your success (or failure) when selling online.

Why is it important?

Your product’s page on Amazon is the primary touchpoint between your product and the consumer. It acts as the equivalent of a trial room in a retail store, the customer will try to judge your product’s quality, design and value for money based solely on the listing. So its crucial that your listing is as clear, descriptive and informative as possible.

Additionally, a flawed listing has a direct impact on the overall performance of your products and other account functions like sponsored ads and promotions. You can identify and modify the necessary changes on your product’s by using our listing checklist given below.

The listing checklist:

You can use the list to identify what’s missing in your listing and complete it:

  • Image Size and Quality – This is the primary factor while people purchase your products. Make sure you have sufficient images that are clear, crisp and meet all of Amazon’s image guidelines. Make sure that your images show the product from all angles to give the customer a better idea of its size and design.
  • Title – Your product title should consist of three main components – Brand Name, Model Number, Product Type/Feature. Example – “Philips BT1212/15 Beard Trimmer (Green)
  • Product Features – Your product features should have the general highlights of your products. Focus on putting the most important features that your customers are looking for. (Try to use all the 5 points available to you)
  • Description – Describe your products in some more detail by highlighting some of the additional features of your product that may add some value to your customers.
  • Product Specifications – Add all the technical specifications of your products like weight, dimensions, model number etc.
  • Brand and Manufacture – Specify the brand and the manufacturer of the product you are selling (if it is a registered brand)
  • Category and Sub-category – Add your products to the appropriate categories and sub-categories. Adding it to the wrong category can result in severe problems in your advertising campaigns, product visibility, and promotions.
  • Parent-Child Products (Variations) – Products that have color and size variations tend to have better visibility.
  • Buy Box/Button – Having a buy box/buy button on your product SIGNIFICANTLY improves your chances of getting preference.

What you can do to stand out:

The items mentioned in the ‘listing checklist’ only cover the most basic aspects i.e. the essentials of a listing. However, there are several things that you can do to stand out amongst and gain a competitive edge. Here are some things that can help you do:

  • A+ Listing – A+ listing is the option to add additional images, videos, and copy to your existing listing to improve the product’s page. Amazon claims a 3%-10% boost in sales by applying A+ listings to your products. However, A+ listing is only available for vendors (first-party sellers).
  • Enhance Brand Content (EBC) – EBC is very similar to A+ listing, it also allows you to add additional information to your product’s page. However, EBC is available for third-party sellers as well. This can significantly improve your visibility, the design of your product page and improves sales.
  • Fulfilled by Amazon – Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA) and one-day delivery play a crucial role in boosting your product’s favourability by the customer.
  • Keyword research – There is a misconception in the industry that stuffing as many keywords as possible is a good thing. However, the truth is that carefully selecting the keywords based on importance and choosing the most valuable ones has proven to be more successful. Focusing on a few important keywords helps you rank on those and maximize your visibility.

Listing and Amazon’s Algorithm:

Now that we’ve clearly established what Listing optimization can do for your products. Let’s get into how much importance Amazon puts on it. Amazon’s A9 Algorithm has been designed to maximize the relevancy and to maximize the chance of a conversion by showing the consumers the product that they are most likely to buy. Amazon’s A9 algorithm puts heavy emphasis on the completeness and quality of the listing when calculating the relevancy of the product and you can capitalize on that by making sure that your products listings are optimized.


In conclusion, we can infer the sheer importance of optimizing your listing when selling online. They not only act as the primary touchpoint between your customers and your products but they are also crucial for the smooth functioning of your online business over the long term.

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