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Listing optimization during the holidays can increase your revenue

Preparing product listings for the Q4 is imperative in order to stay ahead in the game during the holiday season. Listing optimization is one of the most crucial steps to start your holiday sale planning.

With the approach of the holiday season like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and New Year,  it becomes really important to list your products accurately with optimized keywords to sell more. This is because with the high demand for online shopping during the holidays, provide the sellers with an opportunity to increase their revenue manifold if done correctly.

In one of the survey, it has been recorded that more than 55% of the sellers were happy to optimize their product listings just before the holidays like Christmas, Black Friday as well as Thanksgiving. Their sale increased more than 2x from the organic sale alone, leaving the sponsored products sale.

Many Amazon sellers focus just on listing their products randomly without including searched keywords but forget that it is more than product listings which actually help in successful conversions.

Holidays in Q4, are some of the busiest time of the year which brings in a number of responsibilities. Working rigorously on these responsibilities can help end the year on positive and huge productive earnings. Most e-commerce sellers earn much more than twice or thrice their monthly profit solely from BlackFriday Sale, Thanksgiving sale and Christmas sale online.

So the question is how to start the listing optimization for your products during the holidays and increase your sales considerably? Here are the 6 ways for a successful listing optimization during the holiday season:


  1. Keyword Research: Keyword research is the backbone of listing optimization for the products. Doing proper and extensive keyword research gives an insight into what your customers are searching for. It is vital to use Amazon suggested keywords and premium tools for researching the keywords. A product listing without a careful analysis of its keywords will not rank in the search results page even everything looks perfect from the outside. So you must have a proper keyword research for a successful listing optimization during the holiday season like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas as well as New Year.
  2. Competitor Analysis: Many sellers tend to overlook the critical fact of competitor analysis. A thorough analysis of your competitors will provide you with some idea on how you can make specific changes to your listing.  Analyzing more than 2 competitors and the best sellers will be an important step to perceive their product listings as well as to get some high-volume searched keywords.
  3. List Accurate Product information: One of the mistakes sellers make is they do not invest much amount of their time to list their product information accurately and in depth. It is essential to write detailed product information in the listings in order to rank organically in the Amazon’s search results. Listing the detailed and authentic product information will help you rank higher in the search results page considerably. Ranking during the BlackFriday Sale or the Christmas sale can prove extremely fruitful to you.
  4. Optimize Product Image: Regardless of sufficient traffic on your product listings, if it is not fetching sales, it might be likely that your customers want a clear and authentic image of the product. It is essential to use a clearer picture with necessary illustrations which can prove beneficial to the shoppers and compel them to buy the product. People tend to gift during the holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas, and providing them with more than two clear images can be extremely helpful. The more they can visualize the product, the better your chance of conversion.
  5. Optimize Title and Product Descriptions: There are 3 areas where you can incorporate your researched keywords. Optimize the product title with more important keywords because the title catches the shoppers’ eye. Once your product title is optimized, you can include more search terms in the features as well as the description field. Optimizing the product title and descriptions help sellers sell more than thrice their average sale during the holiday sale season like the Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  6. Optimize Backend Search Terms: Holidays are a generator of revenue if done strategically. You can review the list of keywords in your backend search terms and include the high-volume researched keywords here. The most important aspect to consider here is the relevancy. Try to optimize the search terms as relevant as you can to your product. Amazon always attempts to be a customer-friendly platform and provide them relevant products to their searches. The more relevant keywords you have in your product listings, the more your chance to convert persist.

Now you must have understood the various benefits of Amazon product listing optimization during the holiday season. More than 60% customers tend to buy things or products online which compels more and more sellers to optimize their product listings and increase their revenue. Holiday sales like Black Friday sales, Thanksgiving online sales and Christmas sale are an excellent opportunity to utilize the benefits of listing optimization to multiply your profit.

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