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Why Hiring An Amazon Virtual Assistant Is A Good Idea

As a business owner, I spend some time of my day trying to reach potential clients who are confused about whether to hire an Amazon virtual assistant. I listen carefully what their story is, their pain points as well as their business objectives. But most importantly, I have noticed hesitation.


No matter if they have filled the ‘contact us’ form and had taken out time from their busy schedule to talk to us, they are reluctant to actually get virtual assistance for their e-commerce. They convince themselves that they can manage things all on their own.


I sensed hesitation mainly from solopreneurs, entrepreneurs and executives. Firstly because they need to invest time and money of course, but mainly due to trust issues.  They won’t admit but it is indeed difficult to trust someone with your work or business task.


It is a tough task to let go of the reigns and hand your business to someone else, especially if you already did it in the past to wrong hands who took advantage of you.

One of our clients, who is constantly in touch with me says that to be successful in what we do, it is very essential to trust people. It is not possible to do the entire task by yourself and even if you do it, it does not give you the peace of mind necessary at the end of the day.


Benefits of Hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant:

As I said it is indeed a tough task for business owners to trust someone else to manage their business, but the benefit of hiring an e-commerce virtual assistant, in fact, outweighs the scariness of not hiring them.

If you stop being nervous about hiring your VA, stop over- thinking about the outcomes of your business and do trust your VA for your business task, you will definitely see that you are growing. And that your investment was worth it.


Let’s move on to the benefits of hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant.

Why Hiring A Virtual Assistant Is A Good Idea
Why Hiring A Virtual Assistant Is A Good Idea


  1. Less Investment required:

You are focusing on the growth of your business while your e-commerce virtual assistants are working remotely, saving you a considerable amount on furniture, workspace, office devices, etc.

You can just create an online store and hand over the task to your eCommerce assistants who will do all the work which is required in an e-commerce setting.


  1. Saves money and time on recruitment:

It is a very hectic task to recruit skilled man-force to do the task for you.  Creation of job vacancy posts, making payments to them and several other procedures to recruit staff for your company requires a lot of time. So directly hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant will save you a lot of your time and money involved with recruiting.


  1. Reduces Company’s expenses:

Amazon Virtual Assistant will take care of a lot of your office tasks which is done on a day to day basis. This will reduce your expenses related to the hiring of in-office employees, which requires you to pay more than just the salary. For example, you will have to pay for their insurance premiums, health benefits, and other such payments. But hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant will help you to reduce these expenses and just pay for the services provided by them as mentioned in the contract with your Virtual Assistant.


  1. More Profit:

The company is not only saving their cost by hiring an Amazon virtual assistant, but they are also maximizing their profit. The Amazon VA will optimize your Amazon ads to get more sales and thereby helping you to increase your profit considerably. Isn’t a good idea to hire an e-commerce VA?


  1. More rest and less work:

As an e-commerce seller, you will hardly get time for yourself.  You even crave for the quality time to spend with your family and loved ones, then why not? A virtual assistant will help you with your entire task like new product listing, inventory management, tracking products for shipping to your customers and even provide customer service. This will help you to save your time and headache.


Many entrepreneurs think that they require a ton of time to guide and train their VA, but the time you save and the profit you make outweighs this.


So why hire a VA?

It’s like your money invested at compound interest.

If you think that your eCommerce business is growing, this is the just the perfect time to hire an Amazon VA. Don’t let it grow in such a manner that it almost becomes out of control, it becomes too late.

Instead, visualize a bigger picture. Think about the growth your business will have in the next year. How many new products you are planning to have in your inventory and whether you can handle the management of the inventory all by yourself. Asking these questions will make you realize that you may need to work more than 80 hours a week.

So, the conclusion is to invest in a good Amazon Virtual assistant. The time you invest in building and maintenance of a good relationship with your VA will help you to reap all the benefits you can while growing your e-commerce business successfully.

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  1. I already have a VA in my business & have experienced his working for me. I am really getting the benefits of hiring a virtual assistant. So I would recommend others as well to have their services for better business growth.


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