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7 Areas To Hire A Virtual Assistant During The Holiday Season To Maximize Your Sales

What comes to your mind when you think of a holiday season? Obviously Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas. These are some of the busiest time of the year for business owners, especially e-commerce. E-commerce business owners tend to end the year on a positive and productive note by taking action rigorously this time of the year.


For Amazon sellers, one can say it is a crucial time of the year as it can make or break one’s aspirations for the year.  Depending on how you are operating your business and advertising your brand, you can tend to achieve more than 35% of the profit solely from the festive season or in some cases double the amount of your yearly revenue. It sounds promising, but it takes a lot of hard work, dedication, and proper planning to be the winner in the intense competition during the holiday season.


So, how does e-commerce Sellers maximize their profit during the holidays?  They plan ahead of the tedious workload that’s approaching their way.


Preparing for Critical Workload:  With the approach of the holidays, the workload starts getting hectic. It depends on your ability to manage and operate your business effectively during this time of the year to get the most out of it. You might be having some office staffs managing your business activities, or you are a drop shipping company, but the increased workload can take a pricey toll on you to check whether your e-commerce business is being managed effectively.


Let’s suppose you are an e-commerce and cannot grow your business and meet the financial deadlines during holidays.  You can easily hire a Virtual Assistant during the holiday season which could prove to be beneficial for your company’s growth. Virtual Assistants will manage your tasks and activities needed for your business growth and scalability.  They can provide quality service within the essential time which can bring immediate relaxation towards your business without you having to worry about mundane day-to-day tasks and the deadlines associated with it.


It’s essential to start planning for the holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday during October as it takes time to manage the account, stock management, listing, as well as for sponsoring your products on the marketplace like Amazon. Many big brands start preparing for the big holiday sale during September as they know it is not easy to achieve their goal of increasing their revenue two-fold within a short period of time.


It is very important to hire a virtual assistant during the holiday season for your business as the office staffs that you have might be unavailable for the holidays too.  A virtual assistant will carry out your important business tasks and help you accomplish your financial goal for this season.


These are the 7 areas you can use a Virtual Assistant during the holiday season and rev up your e-commerce game:


  1. Amazon Marketing Services/PPC: If you have products which you want to sell deliberately, you can take the help of Amazon AMS virtual assistant. Now, the role of AMS or PPC VA is to market your products on Amazon marketplace so that more number of people get to see your products and thereby sell more. Sponsoring your products during a holiday season can result in a fruitful way as many people tend to shop during the sale. A PPC VA will help your brand come out in front of your customers by doing the following:


  • Research the most searched keywords
  • Find the right products which could give good results
  • Select the products you want to advertise
  • Set your targeting, bid, campaign budget, and duration
  • Monitor the ads closely
  • Optimize the ads if necessary depending on its performance
  • Review the ‘Golden Keywords’ which gives more clicks or sales


To carry out these tasks effectively, you will need an expert in Sponsored Ads, keyword research, analytics, and data split tests.


One of our clients came to us stating he needed more sales as he wanted to clear his stock, we advised to sponsor his products on Amazon which resulted in giving him 4x the amount of sales he was getting prior. Amazon Marketing can bring positive results if it is carried out by an Expert AMS Virtual Assistant, especially during the Holiday season.


  1. Amazon Account Management: Many Virtual Assistants are an expert in providing account management services. An expert Account manager can work with Amazon to help you unfreeze locked accounts and to remove bad reviews of your product. Many sellers do not know about the compliances of Amazon which results in getting their accounts closed. An expert Account Management Virtual Assistant can manage your Amazon account smoothly. They will handle your stock as well as your inventory while you are away thinking about your company’s growth. Your sale can rise promisingly during the holiday season if you hire an expert Virtual Assistant for account management. Also, you will have more products in stock during the holidays which is needed to be managed by an expert for stable operations. Account management is the backbone of an e-commerce business, and if carried out effectively can help in the growth of your business extensively.


Let me state that more than 60% of Amazon sellers hire an Amazon Account Management Virtual Assistant during the Holiday Season for a steady business process without any hassle.


  1. eBay: Many people sell on other marketplaces apart from Amazon and managing the inventory and listing products becomes very hectic. Managing an e-commerce business is not an easy task especially on eBay. During the holidays the workload can become so critical which would not let you focus on other important business functions. An eBay Virtual Assistant would help you by taking the workload and do the following:
  • eBay Account Management
  • Inventory Management
  • Product Listing and Optimizing
  • Basic Photo Editing
  • Keyword Research
  • eBay Market Research and Competitor Analysis


  1. Listing Optimization: A virtual assistant can help you optimize your product listings by including most searched keywords by your customers. They will research the keywords which are high in volume and use those keywords to write product titles as well as descriptions which will rank you on top of search results. An expert virtual assistant who excels in listing products can boost your sales considerably. They will optimize your listings by writing catchy product descriptions with the appropriate product category which will compel the consumers to buy.


On a survey, it has been revealed that more than 55% of the sellers were happy by the results solely by optimizing their product Listing. So why should anyone delay this important process?


  1. Graphics Designing: Online buyers rely heavily on product images before purchasing, and it becomes critical to use the best quality image for your products. Online marketing needs images in the form of banners and headings to advertise products, schemes, and offers. Only a high-quality picture would give good results while you are advertising on Amazon Enhanced Brand Content. While you do not have the time to edit each photo of your products during the holidays correctly, you can hire a Graphic Designer Virtual Assistant who will assist you with editing your product images with high-quality and well-optimized images.  They will also create EBC ready images by ensuring the correct dimensions and pixel quality. It is needless to say that images which are good quality actually sells more.


  1. Copywriting: We all know how powerful content is when you are promoting your products to your audience. Many e-commerce sellers overlook the fact that in order to sell more they need to reach more potential people who will be interested in buying their products. To spread your brand far and wide, you can hire a virtual assistant who can assist you in reaching your potential customers via blogs or emails. If you have a holiday item which you want to sell more, you can easily hire a copywriter expert in SEO for your business who can write catchy product descriptions in blogs with included keywords which will increase your product visibility and high chances of it being sold. It is needless to say that stories do sell.


  1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO): SEO is critical in today’s world where most people want their answers quick. Google processes billions of web pages every day, and most users do not even hover to the second page. Users want the answers to their questions or find the products they are searching very conveniently. An expert SEO virtual Assistant can drive your potential customers to your webpage which could impact a positive result. SEO VA would help your products or webpage land on the first page of the Google Search Results by using the latest offsite as well as on-site strategies. You can increase your sales considerably solely by hiring an SEO virtual assistant during the Holiday season.


Stats show that more than 90% of the people never go beyond the first page of Google. Thus, doing a proper SEO would help you immensely by driving quality traffic to your products or webpage.


So why do you think most e-commerce work with Virtual Assistants during the Holiday season?  The reason is quite simple; they free up enough time for themselves to plan their business growth while delegating most activities to the virtual assistant team. A VA during the Q4 can be your best bet if you want to prosper in this competitive market.


Sellryt is a leading provider of Virtual Assistant services which can help you achieve your business goals productively and boost your online sales.

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  1. A Virtual Assistant increases your return on investment. People think that reducing costs is the final goal, but outsourcing to a VA delivers more than just lower production costs. You also operate with higher efficiency which allows you to serve your clients better, which in turn helps you to see higher returns.

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