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How to Generate amazon sales in 2018

How to Generate Amazon Sales in 2018

How to generate Amazon sales? This question is on every seller’s head. Generating Amazon sales is difficult but the process is easy. We all know online selling is getting tough day-by-day. Amazon being one of the best e-commerce platforms all over the world provides you the biggest online marketplace to sell your products. Amazon started way back in mid 90’s and since it has been constantly increasing. So as sellers.

Every seller out there wants to put his best deal for the customers. They are happy to decrease the margin of their profits just to increase the sales. Most of them are providing supreme quality products at a very good price rate. So now the big question is – How can you beat them? Well, it is easy. Yes, you heard it right – it is easy. Today we are going to share with you our three marketing strategies which we use to generate Amazon sales for our sellers.

Sellryt three marketing strategies are –

1. Product listing and competitor analysis

2. Advertisement optimization

3. Great ROI on advertisement

Now you are wondering how to use these strategies to increase sales. Well, don’t worry we got you covered here. Mentioned below is a step by step guide which will answer all your queries regarding these strategies.

1. Product listing and competitor analysis

generate amaon sales

Well, we all know the importance of product listing. It is the first thing which every buyer sees. How optimized your listing is defines the number of sales you gonna get. Suppose you are selling a pen and you haven’t mentioned pen in your title. So how can a buyer know that this product is about a pen? Of course, they can see the image and take a hint it is a pen. But as a seller, you want to help them. You want to provide them the utmost detail about your product. By saying utmost detail – we mean providing every single detail which you have. That includes bullet points, product size, and dimension etc.

But by providing utmost details, you may land up providing unnecessary and irrelevant details about your product. This is where we(Sellryt) is different, We take information about your products and then our listing experts evaluate your information and comes up with the best details related to your product.

Now you are wondering what is competitor analysis? By Competitor analysis, we mean studying your competitor strategy. What products your competitor is targeting, What price range your competitor is offering? What is the quality your competitor is providing? Well, you will be now wondering why it is important? It is important because you will be fighting against them to sell your products? So you need to see what their weak point is and how can you take advantage of it. By targeting on their weak point can generate your sales by 50%.

2. Advertisement optimization

Generate amazon sales

Amazon gives you an option to advertise your products. And it comes up with two advertisement options – Headline search ads and sponsored ads. Both of these options come up with Two keywords targeting option. The first targeting option is Automatic. In Automatic targeting, you let Amazon decide on which keyword Amazon can show your ads on. Whereas in manual, you have the option to decide on which keyword you want to show your ads on. By enabling ads doesn’t guarantee sales but it increases your products and brand visibility. We recommend using this strategy only when you know how advertisements work otherwise you gonna lose loads of money.

If you want to know how advertisement works you can always get in touch with the Sellryt team.

3. Great ROI on advertisement

generate amazon sales

Return on investment can be a game changer factor in advertisements. What ROI(or ACOS on Amazon) you are getting decides your campaign performance. ACOS depends upon total advertising spend /total sales factor. While evaluating your campaign performance you need to see how many conversions you are getting on how much clicks. Having a higher number of clicks does not mean your campaign is running successfully. But having a good number of conversion with fewer clicks defines that your campaign is running successfully. Your prime motive of running a campaign is solely conversions, so you have to always focus on conversion rather than clicks.

These are the three strategies which Sellryt follows to Generate Amazon Sales for their sellers.

Still in Doubt? Why not ask us your query? We will be more than happy to help you.

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