Enhanced Brand Content

What Enhanced Brand Content can do for your business?

Enhanced Brand Content – Newest way to improve your product listing

Many of us have questions that what is Enhanced Brand Content? , What is it used for? How much it costs? , Why is it important? , What are its benefits, how to use it? What are the Do’s & don’ts? Here we will talk about this in detail. And will guide you through every question which is in mind of every seller using Amazon marketplace.

What is Enhanced Brand Content?

enhanced barnd content

EBC allows Trademark Brand Owners the ability to make changes in the description fields of ASIN. It also allows the brand sellers to make enhancements in their images, text placements and telling their features to the customers through a “brand story.” This feature can also be used to answer customer inquiries by providing the detailed and timely information which would help the customers in making rapid purchase decisions. With the help of EBC the seller is provided with the ability to showcase their product and differentiate with other products by adding HTML based premium content from the Manufacturers which is like Easy-to-use templates by adding images with description for more visual effects, add subheadings, paragraphs and make text easy to read and importantly it turns more clicks into conversions.

A+ Pages & Enhanced Brand Content

enhanced brand content

Basically, A+ Pages and EBC are used to enhance your product and help to drive sales through additional text and images on your product listing pages. Both help you to build your brand’s look and awareness. Both are free but A+ detail pages can cost you thousands all depending on the option you choose.

How much it costs?

Enhance Brand Content is currently free and open to the sellers who have been approved as brand owners through Amazon’s Brand Registry process. Once the seller is approved as Brand Owner they’ll be qualified to add EBC to the ASINs that are part of their approved brand catalogue, but keep in mind you cannot add the content to ASINs that are not part of the brand and if you do you’ll get warning or may get your account suspended. Adding more to this one thing should be kept in mind that majority of the time the newly introduced service or product is available for free or half the price and when you are accustomed to it the companies starts charging you for the same. So it is best to take the advantage of the free service sooner rather than it’s late.

Why is it important or what are the benefits of using it?

enhanced brand content

There are obviously some benefits to be able to add more to your product listing and that is why company introduced this service.

  • Appeals different types of shoppers: Adding images, details which is more accessible and attracts the wide range of viewers and that will help to make better first impression and it is rightly said that “First Impression is the Last Impression” and this is applied in this case because the viewer will not become your customer unless and until he/she is provided by the proper details about the product or service.
  • Increases Sales: This is the main and important aspect of every business. If the sales are good that means your business is doing good and by improving your listing can help the sellers to get more sales which will ultimately bring more profits.

How to use it?

Well, it is kind of easy to use the Enhanced Brand Content. Here we will guide you through the process as to how to use the EBC (Enhanced Brand Content)

  1. Navigate to ‘Enhanced Brand Content ‘ (which you can find it in Advertising Tab in the Amazon Seller Central)
  2. Select a Template  ( You will be provided with 4 to 5 choice of templates)
  3. Add your content
  4. Submit for review (Submit it when you are done with adding the content and images related to the product)
    1. Getting EBC Approved
    2. If somehow your EBC is not approved make the necessary changes and resubmit it for approval
  5. Watch the results ( We surely want to know how EBC has impacted our sales).

Do’s & Don’ts (Best Practices & Pitfalls)

enhanced brand content

Best Practices


  • Highlight the Unique Selling Points (Benefits the customer will be Getting)
  • Never include company contact information and reference your company as seller or distributor
  • Go through the reviews of yours and also of the competitors to find what user cares about. And then highlight those points in tabular form or bullet form.
  • Don’t use pricing or promotion information
  • Use optimized text and image to showcase the benefits and features to improve conversion
  • Don’t use copyright or trademark symbols.
  • Make the content short with high-quality content which would allow a user to quickly grasp everything they want to know.
  • Don’t add any website links
  • Optimize the content for mobile visitors.
  • Don’t use Pixelated or low-quality images
  • Promote or focus on bestselling products which will more likely to provide a better return on investment.
  • Don’t include images or logos from brands other than your own.

Working with Agency or DIY: Which is the best choice?


This question haunts every seller that what they should do. Should they hire an agency to do their EBC work or should they do it by themselves? In our opinion working with Agency is the best option for the seller because firstly the seller will then be solely focused on the fulfillment and dispatching of the product. And secondly, they don’t have to worry about the second as it will be handled by the agency which is listing and creating content with highly optimized images and content.

Here are some benefits of Working with Agency for EBC:

  1. Understanding of Amazon: Agency knows the working of Amazon and the type of content which is required in the Marketplace. They will be creating your brand-related content for the Amazon’s audience.
  2. Knowledge about EBC requirements: While with Agency you are relieved from wasting your time on policies and requirements and making revisions every time so you can focus on other things.
  3. Best Practices: It is highly beneficial to work with the agency who is familiar with available Amazon’s Layouts and knows the best practices to be followed.
  4. Can save you money: You’ll be likely to get errors during the creation process. But, if you’re working with a designer who is charging your per hour or per revisions basis which would costs you more than the Agency would have charged.

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