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Everything you need to know about Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment Service

Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment: With the ever increasing competition among retailers around the globe. One gets a competitive advantage over others by selling across multiple channels, besides their own online store.

However, considering the advantage of increase in sales opportunities by selling on multiple channels. One can face many challenges in processing orders received from each of channels you’re using for selling on daily basis

Well you can get some ease in fulfillment process by using order management software. It allows you to sync order details coming from different multiple sources at one place. However, it can be prove costly specifically for start-ups and small sellers if not managed properly.

How is Amazon actually helping online sellers grow?

amazon multi channel fulfillment

As per the first quarter of 2016 reports of Statista, the e-tailers are estimated more than 310 million active Amazon customer accounts across the globe. This figure itself gives an idea why more and more online business owners prefers Amazon as one their main online selling channel.

FBA (Fulfillment by Amazon) is helping sellers to opt in for this service. Nowadays, Sellers top priority is to generate more revenue by selling on different platforms. The “Multi-Channel Fulfillment” is an additional optional feature within FBA service which allows Amazon Sellers to fulfill the orders made on their other sales channels respectively.

Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment Service: What you need to know?

amazon multi channel fulfillment

The Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment Service is currently available to the sellers in USA, Canada. It allows the sellers to stock their inventory at single place i.e, Amazon Warehouses.  These warehouse allows Amazon to fulfill the orders placed on other channels and their website respectively easily. The Multi-Channel Fulfillment Service helps online sellers to:

  • Process multiple store orders at the same time

It excludes the time and effort which could be wasted while processing of the orders from different channels. Thus by instantly processing multiple orders from one centralized system will save sellers time. For e.g. you sell your products via your store and other popular marketplaces asides selling on Amazon.

Using Amazon FBA service, you can rest assured that your orders are processed and will be delivered to your customer soon. However, using MCF (Multi Channel Fulfilment Service) you can get your orders from other sales channels alongside with your Amazon orders. Thus by using this service will help you focus more on your business. Fill out this web form to get started with Amazon MCF Service.

  • Saves your Shipping Charges

With the choice between Standard Delivery, 1 Day or 2 Day delivery. MCF will also allow multi-channel sellers to profit from Amazon Prime Free Two-Day Shipping and Free Shipping on eligible orders.

Through this it ensures you are able to process your other channel sales orders via Amazon Fulfillment Centres helping you save the cost you might incur while fulfilling large quantity orders from other channels in a single go.

  • Personalize Packing Slips

If you use third party shipping services, you get limited options. With the help of MCF, you’ll be able to promote your brand by customizing the packing slips. The packing will includes your brand name and other valuable information for every order that is to be shipped.

  • Allow flexible Packaging/box capabilities

The online sellers who are dealing with great product line would expect an excellent packaging for their product. The MCF service allows multi-channel sellers an ability to ship their customer’s orders in non-branded attractive packaging (not amazon standard boxes). However you will be charged an additional fee for this service.

  • Ease on Returns

Processing of order returns can be time taking for many sellers. And especially it is a burden when selling across multiple channels. With MCF service, returns are made easy as Amazon provides tracking numbers and returns instruction as per the choice of the sellers.

Beyond that Amazon offers the sellers with shipment details that will make it easy to track the customer’s order status. Amazon also ensures that the returns are managed effectively.

Cost of Amazon Multi Channel Fulfillment:

amazon multi channel fulfillment

One of the major benefit of using MCF services can be that it is way much cheaper than in-house inventory management and order processing. Suppose, if you have already built your inventory and order processing system. How can you handle the overflow caused by adding new channels of distribution or seasonal fluctuations?

How much could be saved in warehouse leasing, salaries paid to both the admins preparing and packing orders and the cost incurred in acquiring the shipping materials, if you used MCF instead of going through the whole inventory management and shipping process. Below is a chart of fees for MCF, standard size and non-media items:

There was $1 fee for unbranded boxes until this service was discontinued on September 1st 2016. If you’re a Professional Seller paying Amazon $39.99 per month, then that fee is already accounted. Otherwise, add that into your costs. In simple language, it appears that the fees run about $3 more than FBA so price those items accordingly.

Ending Note

Who said it’s a challenge to maintain a multichannel selling business? Amazon Multi Channel fulfillment feature has many benefits for online business owners. Thus, by letting them earn millions of happy customers across all their stores while on Amazon too.

Finding it Difficult? Let us help you. Comment below your queries and our team will get in touch with you. Or fill out our contact form here.

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