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Pushing Your Amazon Inventory

If you are a seller on Amazon, you must have asked “How much should I buy?” or “What if it is not enough?” It is a key decision because the answer changes according to the market situation. But with some introspection and assessment, you will be able to decide upon the right quantity for your amazon inventory

One of the most important things to determine is the sitting time of an amazon inventory. Ideally, you should try to sell all of your purchases within a period of three months. There will be exception to this rule but other than these specific items, you should set a clear deadline. There are estimation tools available on the internet that will help you decide.

The next thing that you should track is the number of units of the amazon inventory which is available for sale from other places. This number will help you determine the competition, the price, and how much stock other sellers have with them. There are tools to find this out as well. By calculating this amount, you will be able to figure out how many items you could sell of the same product. In addition, it will tell you how much you should buy.

The source of the inventory should also be taken into consideration. Depending upon where the stock comes from and how many sellers are buying at that moment, your chance of selling the amazon inventory will be reduced/increased. Some scenarios such as a new toy, a clearance sale, and clearance items with a huge stock will have many sellers. In such cases, buying about 5-10 items should be sufficient sold at reduced prices.

The trick to selling right is to price items according to the market. For replenishable inventory, you should ideally buy a month’s supply. If the listing does not change much, then buy additional quantities. But with discontinued items, it is best to buy all that we can get our hands upon. You can also consider private labeling or buy directly from the manufacturer. In these cases, you are more likely to sell as much as you buy.

Reselling on Amazon is easy if you strategize your inventory at an early stage. It will help you with a good selling experience.

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