Amazon Great Indian Festival 2018 is Here! And Here’s How You Can Boost Your Sales!

Amazon Great Indian Sale

Amazon India has finally announced its first ‘Great Indian Sale’  for 2018! The official dates are Sunday, 21st January to Wednesday, 24th January. Annually, Amazon Great Indian sale provides a huge opportunity for Amazon sellers. And if you use some basic tips and tricks you can boost your online sales exponentially!

The Opportunity:

Based on Amazon’s most recent estimate from their previous round of the Great Indian Sale, they claim to have grossed upwards of a staggering 2,500 crores in revenue! Amazon claims to have generated a sale of more than 15 million units! This 15 million also includes the sale of Amazon services like Amazon Prime. Here are some more statistics from just the first day of Amazon’s 5-day sale:

  • Sales of large appliances increased by 400%
  • Sales of mobile phones increased by 150%
  • More than a 1,00,000 units sold in the first half hour of the first day
  • Revenue of over 2,500 crores over the 5-day sale
  • More than 15,000,000 units were sold over the 5 day period!

Evidently, the Great Indian Sale not only provides a great opportunity for buyers to get great deals, but it also creates a huge opportunity for Amazon’s Sellers to boost their sales, and boost their profits.

The Competition

Since Amazon Great Indian sale poses such a huge opportunity for sellers, understandably, there is a significant amount of competition. Every Amazon seller is trying to make the best of the sale. The sale has more than 14 million different products. Therefore, it is crucial for sellers to take a few extra steps in order to assure that they can stand out amongst the competition.

The Strategy:

There are a few simple tips and tricks and our recommended checklist for sale season that you can use in order to boost your visibility and make the most of Amazon Great Indian Sale. And they will help you stand out amongst the competition:

  • Optimise your listing – Make sure all the details of your products are absolutely clear, the keywords you have used are correct and the products description of the product covers all of its features.
  • Use good images – This is simple. but very important. Make sure that the images that you use look good and are high quality. The images are a major deciding factor for a consumer while buying a product.
  • Run sponsored ads for your products to increase the visibility of your products.
  • Drive traffic to your products from other sources – Use social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to drive traffic from other sources.
  • Understand the algorithm – All e-commerce websites work on a fixed algorithm. Once you understand the algorithm you will automatically be able to increase the visibility of your products. And potentially increase your sales.

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