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What is Amazon Brand Registry and why it is important for a seller?

There are a good amount of retailers which are selling their own products on Amazon and are losing control over the product details for their items. This concern seems valid as being the private label brands and specialized products with EANs (International Article Number) and UPCs (Universal Product Code).In order to help the sellers with their brands, Amazon has introduced Amazon Brand Registry program to safeguard the interest of the seller and manufacturer selling their products on Amazon Marketplace.

               This will help the sellers to increase the sales figures hugely. And if it is approved you will receive a unique ASIN. You will have the buy box for your ASINs all by yourself. To put it in simple words, it is Amazon’s way of giving the ‘ownership’ of a brand to a specific individual or company. This program is most appropriate for a traditional manufacturer, private label brand proprietors, producers of branded, custom and handmade products and sole suppliers on Amazon.

Who can apply for Amazon Brand Registry?

Amazon Brand registry

  • Manufacturer or Brand Owner.
  • Distributor, reseller or other individual or company who has written authorization from the manufacturer or brand owner to manage the brand’s content on Amazon.

Amazon Brand Registry – 1.0 vs 2.0

Your brand name now need a live registered trademark

In order to keep the marketplace free from counterfeit products and listings from illegitimate sellers. Amazon now requires you to provide government-approved registered trademark which must be a word mark.

You can now publish your content directly to the marketplace

This new service is available for the first time through Amazon Brand Registry 2.0. It is the ability for the brand owner to create or update the sales content directly to the Amazon marketplace.

Amazon now promises to leverage its ‘Predictive Automation’ tools to proactively help counterfeit listed products off its site

With Brand Registry 2.0, the company stated that it will deploy its ‘Predictive Automation’ algorithms, based on the brand owner’s reports of suspected violations of their intellectual property rights.

Pros and Cons

As we know it is the universal truth that if something is earning profits for you. It will also provide you with the loses:-



  • Enables a brand to list products without a standard product ID.
  • Negatively impact the sales of the sellers who were currently doing well.
  • Brands can get a GCID (Global Catalogue Identifier) which are permanent product IDs.
  • Sellers are at disadvantage to one another.
  • It Helps you grow to be a globally recognized company.
  • Can lose customers in competitive market.


Amazon brand registry

  • More control over your listing content, items titles, images, and details.
  • Reducing the chances of matching errors that can happen during the listing.
  • Amazon Issued item IDs (GCID) can be used instead, of standard product identifiers.
  • Provides safeguards to your products from the counterfeited goods available in the marketplace.


The Brand Registry for Amazon is a very valuable addition that will someway eventually improve your experience as a seller and will give you more control over your listings. This will also be able to lessen the risk of receiving negative customer response and will also help you increase the revenue. You can survive without Brand Registry at Amazon, but with the successful application you can double your success and reduce the overall hassle and we at Sellryt will help you get set up with the new brand registry program from Amazon.

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  1. This blog is really useful for Amazon sellers.
    In addition, If you are registered as an Amazon brand registry. You are eligible to add videos on your listings to increase your sales.
    And I have a question,  How can I add a new trademark for an enrolled brand?

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