listing optimization

Listing optimization during the holidays can increase your revenue

Preparing product listings for the Q4 is imperative in order to stay ahead in the game during the holiday season. Listing optimization is one of the most crucial steps to start your holiday sale planning. With the approach of the holiday season like Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Christmas and New Year,  it becomes really important […]

Reasons why Amazon PPC can prove beneficial to youReasons why Amazon PPC can prove beneficial to you

Reasons Why Amazon PPC Can Prove Beneficial To You

Marketing is very vital for any business growth, and the reason is simple; your customers should be aware of your products and what value your products hold in return of their time and money. If no one knew about your product, how can you even sell them? This is why marketing plays an important role […]

Hire A Virtual Assistant

7 Areas To Hire A Virtual Assistant During The Holiday Season To Maximize Your Sales

What comes to your mind when you think of a holiday season? Obviously Thanksgiving, Halloween, and Christmas. These are some of the busiest time of the year for business owners, especially e-commerce. E-commerce business owners tend to end the year on a positive and productive note by taking action rigorously this time of the year. […]

Digital Marketing Trends 2018

Top 4 Trends Of Digital Marketing In 2018 Which Should Not Be Ignored

2018 is progressing with changes in marketing techniques. The digital marketing techniques which include SEO, content marketing, PPC, social media and various others are shifting towards a more advanced level with the advancement of technology and bots. You might have ignored the robotic scene from the science fiction you watched, but as a marketer, the […]

Amazon SEO Strategy 2018

Amazon SEO Strategy 2018: How to Optimize Amazon Backend Search Terms

Amazon is an e-commerce giant who loves testing what could be the best strategy to increase the experience of its marketplace, both for the consumers as well as the sellers. With its latest update, Amazon announced Seller Central backend search terms are now limited to 250 characters for the Amazon US and Amazon EU marketplaces. […]

Amazon vs Flipkart: The Freedom Sale or The Big Freedom Sale

Amazon vs Flipkart: The Freedom Sale or The Big Freedom Sale?

India will be celebrating their 72nd Independence Anniversary, and to mark this ceremonial day, Amazon and Flipkart will be hosting Freedom Sale on their respective platforms. To mark the ceremonial event of 72nd Independence Day, Flipkart and Amazon came up with the idea of getting more sales by hosting their Big Freedom Sale and Freedom […]

When to hire an E-commerce Virtual Assistant?

When to hire an E-commerce Virtual Assistant?

It’s like many e-commerce businesses have been questioning but not getting a perfect answer to when is the right time for hiring an E-commerce virtual assistant. The answer is simple; you should hire a virtual assistant when you realize you need one. Isn’t it easy to decide? But the main important factor to consider before […]

E-Commerce Virtual Assistant

7 Ways To Use An E-Commerce Virtual Assistant And Grow Your Business

Successfully running an e-commerce business is a tough task, whether it is a brand or a mid-sized company. We all agree to this fact, so what next? An e-commerce Virtual Assistant is definitely a savior in this situation.   If you have an e-commerce store, you have to do a lot of your task all […]

Amazon Prime Day 2018 strategies for sellers

4 Amazon Prime Day 2018 strategies for sellers

Amazon, the e-commerce giant, celebrated 20 years of dominating the online marketplace by introducing this day known as “Prime Day”. This is considered the biggest sales event of the year. Amazon Prime day is a global shopping event which is filled with discounts, low rates, coupons, etc for their products, held annually around mid July. […]

Amazon Virtual Assistant

Why Hiring An Amazon Virtual Assistant Is A Good Idea

As a business owner, I spend some time of my day trying to reach potential clients who are confused about whether to hire an Amazon virtual assistant. I listen carefully what their story is, their pain points as well as their business objectives. But most importantly, I have noticed hesitation.   No matter if they […]