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Despite the fact that Ecommerce sales are rising day by day, many retailers find it difficult to make profit as they can't target the ready-to-buy audience effectively. In today’s highly competitive world, the secret to success is no longer to get it out there and see how it performs. Smart retailers dole out their products strategically to grab potential customers online.

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Sorry to break this news to you, online sellers, but the scenario on Indian online marketplaces isn't the same as it was a decade ago. It’s now crowded with many sellers, selling appealing products in the same category. So what can you do to stand out from the competition? Is it discounts? May be. But everyone is offering them. Then how about cash on delivery? But again every dealer is stepping up the game by providing that as well. What you're looking at is an online market space thriving and breaking whatever limits economists thought markets were confined with. Your product is like a needle in a haystack. What you need as a seller is sponsored ads.

What are sponsored ads?

Sponsored ads follow the same principles as regular advertisements do. They are a form of promotion, but specific to the internet. Sponsored ads can be placed on Facebook, Google and even on marketplaces like Amazon and Flipkart to increase discover ability of products. As the number of sellers in every category is increasing exponentially, it’s important to be specific and targeted when it comes to sponsored ads because only then you’ll be able to pull the desirable sales.

How sponsored ads work?

Whether it’s Flipkart's Product Listing Ads or Amazon Sponsored Ads, the charging model is always in favour of the seller. The impressions are free of cost and the seller will be charged only for the clicks made on the ads. Sponsored ads assist sellers to target customers based on keyword searches. For example, if a person searches for a pair of jeans and clicks on a Wrangler ad that showed up on Google, Wrangler has control on where it wants to take the customer, whether to the brand’s website or to an Amazon or Flipkart page. Sellers are provided with the number of impressions and Click to Rate (CTR). The marketplaces also build keywords which leads to discover ability of the sponsored search ads whenever a customer searches the keywords a seller is bidding on. All ads are reviewed by Ad Policing as per program policies before they go live.
Another way to reach the right customers is through display ads.

Display ads

Display ads campaigns are part of the cost-effective digital advertising solutions. Without burning a hole in your pocket, these campaigns help improve the brand and product image simultaneously. Generally, small and medium scale sellers opt for display ads as they create a ripple in the market without forcing you to risk all the money on advertising. These are also called banner ads and are available for both self-serve and account managed sellers. These ads can be created easily either by uploading your own creative or using website services such as Amazon Ad builder. The landing page could be a brand store, a detail page, search results, or any other customized link. With a right strategy and managed CTR, display or banner ads could do wonders for you.

Automatic Campaign vs. Manual Campaign

Automatic Campaign With automatic targeting, Amazon targets ads to all relevant customer searches based on your product information. These campaigns are useful to make a database of customers to be targeted later in more specific manual campaigns. If a customer prefers only manual campaign, they can lose on important keyword inputs provided by Sponsored Ads services. It is always healthy to reach out to more people with relevant interests.

Manual Campaign In manual targeting, the sellers manually set keywords for sponsored products ad campaigns. This is a more specific targeting where different match types are used with different bids to own the buy box. Otherwise, all the budget will be burned by keywords at high bid. For example, a negation in the phrase searched online by a customer can prevent your ad from popping up, making the whole process more relevant and tightly knitted for accurate lead conversions. Also, this ensures that you are not wasting your bids on low-value keywords which can result into lower click through rate (CTR) and subsequently to ad spend wastage.

Why Choose Us

Our team of digital advertising experts will help you through the twists and turns of sponsored ads. Apart from the technical knowledge which every firm has about online marketplaces, what makes us different is the local knowledge of area topography and the identification of potential customers. We never let you lose money on clicks that don’t come from the desired audience. While you concentrate on the quality and availability of your products, on the back end Sellryt will build your brand by:

  • Organizing campaigns into targeted ad groups by products, keywords and description to ensure relevant clicks at optimal cost
  • Suggesting bids for Page 1 placement to ensure higher impressions, clicks and sales
  • Adding keywords relevant to the product and removing keywords with spend but no sales

Our team of experts will get you:

  • SEO points - Your products will be at the right place and at the right time
  • A seller specific metrics to assure the most economical way for best branding at online marketplaces. The stats will include: impressions, clicks, spend, sales and conversions
  • Optimized selling: We help you to optimize your promotion campaign by not targeting the whole online audience, but just the customers who type the keywords
  • Maximum exposure by ensuring best management of website sponsored ad services
  • Maximum customer engagement by customizing your ad campaign
  • An active seller account in good standing
  • Product listings in one or more of the available categories. Products must be new. Used products are not eligible for Sponsored Products
  • Listings which are eligible for the Buy Box
  • Boost Product Visibility
  • Impact Buy Box traffic positively
  • Sale aged inventory and liquidate it faster
  • Display unique offers
  • Increase discoverability for clearance items and seasonal promotions
  • CPC based Pricing
  • Free impressions
  • You pay for clicks, not impressions
  • Auction based pricing model
  • Post pay Service
  • We at Turner Tools are very impressed by the performance of Sellryt under the leadership of Mr. Peeyush. This partnership with them has made our online business grow tremendously. Sales and after sales are fully taken care of and they are handling the company's online sales just like their own, spending time and energy on it and not letting anything undone. They have always been available throughout the day and night. It's a one stop solution for all online sales. All in all it's an excellent team to work with. Looking forward to another year of business with them.

    Aditya Agarwal - M.D - Turner Tools
    New Delhi
  • We, Dolphin Sales Agency are using the services of Sellryt Business solutions from the past 3 months, we are thankful and impressed by the service and support provided by our account manager at Sellryt Mr. Himanshu Singh. He is managing our account in Amazon properly and timely. At first, we faced some issues in listing our products at Amazon, there were lot of issues and delay in listings largely form the Amazon side, and after loads of telephonic conversations and mails from the sellryt team, as of now the issue is solved. The work ethic, support and service of the team is good and satisfactory. In coming months and year, with the e-commerce industry expected to boom spontaneously with time, we expect and hope that the Sellryt team will continue to support us in a much better way.

    Sabeeluddin - Dolphin Sales Agency
  • Bless Me Creations, Sellryt Business Solutions came as a boon to us, when we were struggling at listing our products on amazon, they helped us not just with the listings but the sales promotion also. We were impressed by the following things: Easily reachable even during late hours, Always work on time, Goes extra mile every time, Inventory management software is icing on the cake. I can now say that only thing I need to care about is the sourcing of raw materials and production and leave out the rest to sellryt team.

    Achal Gupta - Bless Me Creations
    New Delhi




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